The Devious Mind Behind Wordle | The New Yorker Daily Shouts -

The Devious Mind Behind Wordle | The New Yorker Daily Shouts

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In this comedic short, the new Wordle producer derives immeasurable joy from watching people fail.

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The Devious Mind Behind Wordle | The New Yorker Daily Shouts


  1. Truly … honestly … one of the best videos on YouTube right now. Beautifully done. Top 10 videos of the year not joking.

  2. Great game! Swearing, being verbose, and ‘skits’ very distracting!

  3. he invented nothing unless he made the game Fallout, call it passwordle, then there's Mastermind wordle with pegs

  4. My MOM!!!! She’s the one who got MOIST on the first try!!!! Is it true she’s the only one? We are dying of laughter over here.

  5. I….I'm one of the weirdos who got "Moist" in 1 guess

  6. You can tell who its meant to satirize by the tuttle neck.

  7. that was a great script and great acting. hilarious <3

  8. The Wordle is the easiest part of any morning. I have no idea what the inspiration for this video was.

  9. Invented wordle? Well created a web page maybe, this game has been around since the 80's

  10. Why did I think of the word CRYPT as I watched his devious explanation?

  11. There stands great words after wrong place finds cheer.

  12. I win 90% by using "arose" for every puzzle start. Bound or mends are my second words if I need clarification.

  13. Heavy lies the crown indeed 🤣
    You are tooo funny, Sr word engineer. You got me…I like to use ADIEU as my first word!

  14. I’m the weirdo that guessed MOIST on the first try!

  15. This is the first thing I do as I wake up. Everyday.

  16. It’s a guessing game. It’s not a crossword. Calm down.

  17. LOL. I hate your no vowel, double vowel, double consonant words!

  18. I have seeds and plan on growing them this season. I'm in the Midwest, so will face some weather challenges.

  19. always start with PEACH & BUILD. it's easy to solve after

  20. I have not been getting proper sleep as can only access worldle at midnight in UK. V addictive.

  21. Was fun until the last sentence. Then you lost me. j/s

  22. Devious indeed! I can't say how many times I am missing only one letter and I go through 4 tries before I get the right word. Very addictive. And although Wayne's supposed goal is to ruin our day, the ritual of doing the Wordle when I drink my morning tea is making my day so much better.

  23. Facebook gives you the answer..

  24. I wish you'd title something like this "Shouts and Murmurs" so I could skip. But then, it is April first.

  25. Watch short funny video,
    learn about tough games
    which stump users,
    still bring brief
    enjoy … meant.

  26. Josh Wardle would have made a more interesting video

  27. i don’t want to jinx myself but wordle is fun but not hard.

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