THE CRAZIEST START EVER? One Minute Wordle Solve - July 28th -

THE CRAZIEST START EVER? One Minute Wordle Solve – July 28th

Kenny Haller
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THE CRAZIEST START EVER? One Minute Wordle Solve – July 28th word game challenge

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  1. Imagine playing fucking wordle at an engagement party. What a saddo.

  2. I thought it was going to be other. Ethos threw me for a loop

  3. I use Ethos in my goddamned book so much, and yet this stumped me

  4. Ethos is my starting word if I would have still been playing wordle I could have gotten it 1st try

  5. Getting all the letters within two is definitely not easy, but this dude got 4 off the bat by thinking of 5-letter words surrounding his current circumstances. Would’ve never guessed ETHOS but i can understand putting that in the list for the answer key 😂 😅😅

  6. I took a screenshot of mine because I was so surprised. I'm not a native English speaker and that was my game:


  7. I guessed those at first, but ethos is solid

  8. 5 yellow letters is harder than actually getting the wordle correct

  9. Well clearly ive seen to much of mr slab cause that was where my brain went with the first four letters

  10. 💀💀💀I thought the yellow letter were green until the green one appeared

  11. Happy engagement to your sister

  12. can someone explain to me why it can't be "those"?

  13. i once did a green one first try

  14. No way you knew ethos was a word without googling it. Anything for views

  15. Surprised he didn't put other after the first one

  16. Happy engagement to my sister and her fiancé

  17. Happy engagement to your sister and her fiancé 😊

  18. This is the fakest Wordle ever cos I’m pretty sure u cheated. Happy engagement to ur sis

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