The BEST Wordle Ever -

The BEST Wordle Ever

Why Suda
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In todays video, I 1v1’d @Exzd in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE!
Do you guys want more with a live audience? if so, what?!


I’m going to be uploading to this channel EVERY Wednesday! Subscribe for more!

Wordle, Guess the Song, Geoguessr, and other browser videos that I post on Whos Suda. Let me know if there’s a game you think I should play similar to this one!

Wordle is Brutal.. and so is waiting every day to play another game. This website allows me to play 3 to 8 letter words so it works out! How did I do? I played wordle every day for nearly a year at this point, but any word over 6 letters hurts my brain. Wordle is a Broken Game. The BEST Wordle Ever


  1. Is it possible to join the discord or is it private

  2. Gosh, your videos are so enternaning! Keep up the amazing work! Also, can you give me a few tips for Wordless?m

  3. Early! Yay like 5th comment! 7 minutes ago. You’re awesome.

  4. sucks that this channel isn’t as popular as we want, but atleast he knows that we are his best fans 🗿🗿🗿

  5. I swear to god my weeks go so fast it seems like it’s been 4 days since the last wordle video😂

  6. i always forget about wordle wednesday and i get so excited when i get the notification! i love u suda <3

  7. Wow #25 is really cool! And probably handsome!

  8. Can’t help but feel like you need some sort of “Gameshow presenter / host” for this to commentate alongside the 2 contestants and audience. Idk how you would even do that but it’s a funny idea

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