The 7 Stages of Wordle -

The 7 Stages of Wordle

Matt Mitchell
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It’s a slippery slope.


  1. 😂😂😂 Highly addictive! I put it down and pick it up!

  2. I was killing it at first, then it started getting harder, I got tired of having to try so I quit playing lol

  3. This is me! Every stage in that order. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Wait until you figure out there is a Wordle archive that let's you binge play all the old ones.
    That is stage 8 btw.

  5. There is actually 8 stages throwing your phone

    Pls do more blees this rank

  6. Right? What happened with those words??

  7. Wow, I skip Wordle for a week, and now they are owned by the NYT.

  8. Great Matt, now I have to download Wordle 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Much like tiger king hard pass on this wordle, thanks for the warning Matt!
    And for all y'all "suffering" have a blessed day and stay safe.

  10. Yeah, the only time I played Wordle, I got tacit, saw there was a time limit to play again, and gave up. There are much better word games that I can spend my time on (like crosswords (not similar, but still words, and more fun)).

  11. I'm too dumb for these games, so I do not participate.😝

  12. Hahahhha amazing. And accurate, I’m like in stage 2

  13. Just throw in "…. Wait, so they just redid 'Lingo'?" in the first step and you've got it perfect

  14. Thank you for reminding me to do the BTS wordle for today!😅

  15. I don't know this game, but I have a feeling I'm not missing out if it's that addictive.

  16. Never even heard of it, but if the NYT owns it, I’m not going to worry about it!

  17. Wait until the next stage – finding and playing all the spinoff games. Have you tried Quordle?

  18. Who the heck brought Quordle into the conversation! Had to go try it. No. Just No, I will not become addicted. Although I might . . . just how it is with me and word games.

  19. there is wordle unlimited for those who need more than one a day. Also, nerdle for the math minds.

  20. TACIT. When that was the word, my friends all said 'who uses that word!?'

  21. Tacit was my first word🤣 Somebody said “hey you’d probably be good at this” and I got it after someone said “yeah I didn’t know you could reuse the same letters twice”

  22. Wait til you try Dordle, two wordles at the same time.

  23. I quit when they wouldn't let you leave and come back to where you left off. Fun while it lasted.

  24. You know, the first one I did was ‘Knoll’. Like, why the frick did you have to do that.

  25. yall gonna really make me download this ish arent you

  26. My favorite thing about wordle is an anime character from a parody has a real twitter account and he "plays"

  27. Wait till Matt finds out about Wordle Unlimited…

  28. Pretty soon one of the words will be “xymot” or something

  29. Stage 8 is finding the different worlde versions like absurdle

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