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Taking on an insane Wordle x Wordle challenge

Scott Stro-solves
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I’m Scott Strosahl, and today I’m solving Weekly Squardle #28 and a special bonus weekly squardle at the same time. #Squardle is like #Wordle squared, and it’s a lot of fun!

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  1. Amazing solve! I honestly didn't think that was going to work out! After I sent the extra boards to you I solved the board on the right myself and CLIME really messed me up, so I was down to only two remaining at the end.My Patreon supporters get two bonus weekly Squardle boards each week, one on Wednesdays and one (extra) on Sundays. Those boards can be played at any time, so new supporters get the backlog of currently 17 weekly boards. The bonus boards have an even more extended word list of possible answers, to not take away content from anyone else. So for the bonus boards you can get regular plurals like SCARS and somewhat more difficult words like CLIME. (Though the board you played wasn't from the Patreon boards, as I didn't want anyone's first bonus board be one they'd already had spoiled.)clime
    noun LITERARY
    a region considered with reference to its climate."long holidays in sunnier climes"So you were right about it being related to climate!

  2. Who would've guessed that two weekly squardles would be easier than two normal ones?

  3. Make it triple, it’ll be practically impossible.

  4. COULD is still a better guess than COUGH so I suggest you use it COULD instead

  5. I am so impressed!! I thought you were gonna have to give up but then you did it.

  6. I don't like the setting that auto-fades white clues if you have a coloured clue for those letters. I'd prefer to only have the white auto-fade if you had that letter placed.

  7. Can you try salet and churn for wordle? Those are my daily words, and I’d love to see how you do with them!

  8. Etats means States in french, dont worry about the backwards shirt. lol

  9. I won Weekly Squardle #28 with 9 guesses to spare!
    Word found after 3 guesses:
    Zzz that took me 45min to figure out after my 2nd guess😓

  10. Idea: Squardle hard more (daily or weekly)
    You can't use a word that violates any of your previous hints, so if you get a green you have to use it every time you use that space.

  11. Week 2: Start with the 5 words you think were the hardest to ever solve in Wordle.

  12. Scott can you start with SALET & CORNI for the next double weekly squardle? Those words always work well for me on weekly squardles so they should do ok on the double ones

  13. That was epic! Thanks to fubar for giving you the extra board. That was down to the wire!

  14. Amazing! Insane solve as always! 🎉

  15. I had a feeling you were forgetting that you could get multiple bonus guesses from a single guess when you almost gave up. Good thing you stuck to it!

  16. 50 words to guess, using the same guesses… that’s crazy hard

  17. Wow. Scott is really willing to take up the hardest challenges. I’m very impressed. Intense? Yes. Challenging? Yes. Scott is awesome? Yes.

  18. God! I wish I brought some popcorn while watching this because it was just like a movie with a great story line. I literally believed it was the end, and you were going to fail, but than there was some hope. And as always, you managed to slay it again. Suspense was at top level. Thanks for the content.

  19. Scott, you crazy man. You managed to basically do 20 words in like 8 guesses, with bonus guesses obviously. Not only that but this was also the first try even. If you ever go with a triple weekly Squardle, you probably even go insane but who knows if you would make it too.

  20. Here is a challenge for Stepdle: Do either PEAR, STEAK, BURGER, BROWNIE or GOLF, RUGBY, CRICKET, BOWLING.

  21. A truly amazing solve. You continue to secure your hold on the YouTube Wordle Economy

  22. But at 31:01 you can see that you entered steps and later badge in different rows/columns

  23. 30:58 wait, you messed up, you needed to have the word steps also in the middle but you did it in the 4th row

  24. I'm not one to comment usually, but what an outstanding solve this was. Congrats Scott!

  25. It actually doesn't surprise me that double weeklies are more possible than double regulars. The nature of weekly Squardle is that you have many more opportunities for bonus guesses. So it's much more likely that you'll be able to frankenstein two words together into a single guess and get more guesses on both sides. Really fun video!

  26. Really hope they make a mode of this where the guesses are a shared pool…

  27. Well done! At 23:50, I think you could have done CLIME and ADEPT, bringing you to 1-3, then GREED, putting you at 2-2, then Tarry, keeping you at 2-2. Then you would just need to finish the top left corner of the first one and SEEDY. Maybe using CARES or something…. Idk you’re much better at this than I am and my brain is dead lol

  28. As a chess player, I'm glad that CHESS gave you a lot of hope! Also, you could have done CREPE to get R E and P.

  29. At 29:52 you entered PRESS on the right hand puzzle for row/column 3, but it then stayed on r/c 3. Why didn't it move to r/c 4?

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