Sometimes you just get lucky in Wordle! -

Sometimes you just get lucky in Wordle!

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #284 for Wednesday, March 30th.

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  1. I really Think you playing with 💯%truth😂😂😂

  2. I don't know why but my word today was "harry" instead of stove and in know a couple of others who had this issue as well. Does anyone know what happened?

  3. Ahhh the pressure!
    To get a word not in 2…not around 6th guess….just right in the middle😂😂😂😂

  4. I got it in 2 try’s also which is my best and probably will be since 1 is really hard

  5. I got it in 3, but my mom had a different word than the rest of us. So did my music teacher and her husband. I’m confused?

  6. I usually use glent, brick, jumpy, vozhd, and waqfs and then guess the word in the last guess.

  7. I actually failed todays 🙁 got the STO_E in 4 but I guess the wrong letters for the missing spot 🤦‍♀️

  8. Some people got HARRY on this one.. interesting.

  9. Tell me about it. My starting word was STORE. I also got it in 2.

  10. it messed me up trying to guess all the words i can think of because my starting word is always ESTOC, having 4 letters at the start messed me up for some reason.

  11. I got it in 2 tries. I started with STOKE for 284

  12. start with alert and cough those are my starting word

  13. I got it in three. First word was audio, then stone and then stove. It was hard mode btw.

  14. Got it on the last one I was stupid and thought for like ten minutes thinking of it

  15. omg so lucky! i knew it was a STO*E word and had to use COVEN to check if it was stove or stone

  16. Ididnt get it i rushed and my last guess was stone

  17. I dident get this one
    I was on the last guess and I guessed stoke
    Sometimes you just get unlucky in wordle

  18. Got it in 5. Had STO*E at line 3, had to try both STONE and STOKE before I got STOVE

  19. I always start with mouth and nails and got the word in 3 hasn’t let me down yet

  20. I lost my streak on this.. straigh up had stoke stole stowe

  21. I'm waiting for the day your starting word is the answer

  22. I got harry because I did it earlier today.

  23. I started with soare and unlit, and got it in 3

  24. I got it in 5 I started with those which got me 4/5 letters but there was so many options that the word could be so it took me longer than usual

  25. If they think you're cheating for guessing a basic ass word like stove… 😭🤣

  26. This was my first wordle I didn't get, I got sto_e in my second guess but I didn't know how to reduce the options and missed by one. Guess

  27. I got it in 2 funnily enough too. I started with Space and somehow got that second try.

  28. I got this one in 1 go. My sister and I take turns choosing different starting words and I chose stove for this one as we had a baking theme happening. You could have knocked me over with a feather when all those letters kept turning green. LOL

  29. I thought of starting with a random word, so I tried 'SOLVE' for your channel. Tried 'STOVE' immediately after.

  30. This managed to be the first wordle that i failed

  31. How about try "Storm" as an opening word?

  32. It was yesterday’s word for India so I already knew lol 😂

  33. I guessed two words and then got caught in the STO- trap so i guessed stone and store before eventually guessing stove. It was horrible

  34. For some reason my wordle yesterday was a completely different word, I got HARRY as the correct word

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