Solving Wordles as Fast As Possible (Hard) -

Solving Wordles as Fast As Possible (Hard)

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Today the @Regulars @BiffleWiffle @Nicovald @sigils take on another round of the world’s weirdest Wordles!

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❗About the Regulars❗
The Regulars are a group of four YouTuber friends named: Biffle, Henwy, Nicovald, and Sigils. On this channel they will be doing a lot of: lifestyle, reactions, vlogs, and challenges!

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Solving Wordles as Fast As Possible (Hard)


  1. Petition for the regulars to make there own game. Like if you agree and I love your content and videos btw

  2. Hey guys, love the work and effort you put in all the videos!

  3. 😂😂😂 I’m so glad that I ended up finding these dudes

  4. Great video, maybe next time you should try doutrigordle

  5. Biffle and sigils are literally the best it’s amazing how funny they are together and apart

  6. For some starting words, try:

    GHAST and
    They all have different letters.

  7. How many people are just yelling at the screen saying " DEBUG SIGILS WRITE DEBUG JUST A B"!!!
    bro I know a lot of people are doing this

  8. The Octowordle broke my brain, after I came here because my brain broke from writing dwarvish

  9. 10:19 the numbers are wrong it’s actually supposed to be nico 6 sigils 5 and biffle 2

  10. This wordle vid was recorded over a month ago

  11. Biffle – “🎵A-E-I-O-U, Sigils doesn’t know his vowels🎶”
    3:58 Sigil’s- “Bro, it’s so hard to think with the 3 of you just like…”
    ❓❓❓ Obviously Sigils doesn’t know his numbers either – 3 of who? 😂

  12. When i was playing wordle i got 4 yellows on my first try

  13. I'm still waiting for the day Biffle uses a soundboard with a pre-recorded "Woo!' and "Hit that Like Button!" lol

  14. Biffle: sigils doesn't know his vowels!
    sigils: I cant think with the 3 of you
    Biffle: sigils doesn't know his vowels!
    me: wait- 3 of you????

  15. Me who play wordle everyday and seeing them struggle it 🤣

  16. lets get the regulars to 1 mil subs by the end of the year

  17. sigils didn’t know “u” was a vowel and he wrote a book

  18. Sigilos says three of you with two other people

  19. Love watching how the Regulars' brains break down over the course of a video 😂😂😂

  20. Where is Henley I haven't seen him in a long time in a recent video?

  21. Ahh. Ya gotta love how Andrew is the only one who tries anymore.

  22. Petition for the Regulars to make a game and then let us play it and then make a video after it gets popular to get more views, and then while you are releasing a couple more videos on the game they could come up with something else

  23. Sigils forgetting u is a vowel “Sigils doesn’t know his vowels.” Sigils: “ I can’t think with the three of you.” Sigils who can’t count either

  24. I played octordle after watching this video and got everything right

  25. It's funny how sigils and Nicole are at row two and then biffle at like row 5 😂

  26. You guys should react to more Minecraft animations or Lego food Stop motion

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