SOLVING THE HARDEST WORDLES EVER! [feat. Michael Dicostanzo] -

SOLVING THE HARDEST WORDLES EVER! [feat. Michael Dicostanzo]

Kenny Haller
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SOLVING THE HARDEST WORDLES EVER! [feat. @michael.dicostanzo] In this video, me and Michael Dicostanzo try to solve wordles between 3-8 letters long in a Wordle Gauntlet Challenge!

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  1. Kenny and Michael are greatest duo oat, better than anyone

  2. real talk, i didn’t find these two until about a month ago on tiktok. i’m so glad i finally did though bc all their videos are always so fun to watch and never fail to make me laugh. i look forward to watching them daily ! let’s goooooo ggoat !!! 🙂

  3. You both have the purest hearts ever, your guys content will always put a smile on my face. Loving you guys always 🤍

  4. i love when my favorite carly rae jepsen fanpage posts😎😎

  5. u and michael have such a great dynamic it’s always so fun to watch!!

  6. bichael and akple > swiftie and lil princess imo

  7. You and Michael are the greatest gamers of all time!!

  8. I love you and michael! you guys always have great energy

  9. I love ur videos, You both are GGOAT ☺️🫶

  10. How does it feel being the greatest gamer of all time?

  11. I love you guys so much. You guys honestly made my summer more enjoyable 🫶

  12. its so fun combining guesses of both of them and trying to guess the word myself

  13. You have no idea how much I love the fact that Michael lost by being strategic and Kenny won by just like seeing the answer in a vision

  14. Watching this at my orthodontist appointment 💪🏻💪🏻

  15. Y'all are some of my favorite tiktokers 🫶🫶

  16. It still surprises me how someone can make wordle fun

  17. u guys always make me smile and i will thank you guys for that right now thank you for making my days better i love you guys!! (hope that doesn’t sound weird) please keep making videos and keep doing what you’re doing!! 🤍 (you’re doing amazing sweetie 😮🎥)

  18. Love how everyone's calling Michael "disco tango" 😭

  19. I love when you two collab its the besttt! 🩷🫶

  20. I love watching your vids and michaels and all the wordle people

  21. 3 letter Wordle is wild. I love how Michael’s cringey filler play still didn’t work out 😂

  22. kenny turely is the GGOAT (even tho i totally stole that title bc i got lover in one) but still

  23. I love watching these vids on yt and tt keep them going!

  24. everything in this video is just so impressive to me

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