Running toward a Wordle solution -

Running toward a Wordle solution

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #290 for Tuesday, April 5th.

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  1. you should start with vozhd, waqfs, brick, jumpy, glent that’s the best starter for me

  2. … didn’t get this one, had a good start but had no idea natal was a word

  3. Try duotrigordle and PLEASE start with champ tubes wordy fling. The words are not hart to spell and leave out letters like qzxjkv

  4. Try duotrigordle and PLEASE start with champ tubes wordy fling. The words are not hart to spell and leave out letters like qzxjkv

  5. I have found a new strategy. I now usually start with aides and count or clout. You should try it!

  6. You should try and start with: guild power nasty

  7. I somehow got it after 5, despite never hearing of this word

  8. I always do rates first bc it has a lot of good letters

  9. Day 12 of asking Scott to start with tubes, fling, champ, wordy it gives you all common letters trust me

  10. i actually tried your starting words for the first time, so i started with nasty and got "natal" in my second try

  11. A starting 3 I just found with unpopular words is “poesy”, “jaunt”, and “child”. I think it’s cool

  12. I got this in 2 tries 😎 (I always start with snail)

  13. I like to start with Alien then Bousy for a followup

  14. Got it in 3 after arose and until because There were no other options that made snese

  15. I got this one in 4 today but it stumped me for a bit

  16. I entered natal after struggling for like 10 mins and was surprised it was right. I immediately googled what natal meant. I already forgot lmao

  17. I had no idea what the word "natal" meant, I just got enough hints for the atal and put Fatal, then just started spamming letters and got it

  18. My sisters tea her spoiled the wordle because someone asked what it was 😝

  19. Day 9 of asking for using the word olive in wordlr

  20. Start with
    And under
    Those are my starters

  21. I got this one in my 3 guess starting with soare and clint!

  22. I got it on the SECOND try!
    My starting word was nasty

  23. i guessed fatal and was so confused because i thought i had it lol

  24. I managed to get it in two after some lucky guess

  25. I'm pretty proud of myself I got it in 3 tries today

  26. Hey Scott! I challenge you to start your wordle with 25 unique characters leaving you with only 1 guess to guess the word. Use these words: Glent, brick, jumpy, vozhd and waqfs. These words have been tried and tested and they all work – good luck!

  27. My second word was PLANT which gave me four yellows! (I got it in 3)

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