Recovering from a bad start! #Wordle #Shorts -

Recovering from a bad start! #Wordle #Shorts

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(Spoilers 295) For fun, I start with the previous two day’s words and use a viewer suggestion for my 3rd!

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  1. You should try Money because it eliminates a lot of letters and it has good consents.

  2. I love how you say hello in every video keep up the good work

  3. Start with pound, gets 5 new letters and the p is better than hound and stuff like that

  4. Todays Wordle shocked me because my usual starter words are white and black, so that was lucky!

  5. Try using the word “CURIO” or “BEAST” for the third word.

  6. You should use group because it gets u some letter

  7. He always gets me up and have a good day no matter what

  8. Can you please follow up with WAQFS on the third word for me it was helpful

  9. Hi, I'm spanish and I like your original content because I love worldle too.

    I you could I would like you to put anger

  10. "UNFED" could be an interesting 3rd word.

  11. Hey! I always use the word vague first 🙂 be great if u could use it as your third word

  12. Audio or adieu is usually a good start as it has 4 vowels

  13. I always have good luck starting with peach

  14. I just discovered you and I already love your content it’s so calming I love it

  15. You are relaxing! I am going to suggest Candy

  16. you should try the two starting words then, adieu, stork, and nymph!

  17. This man has this kind voice all the time. Love his vibe

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