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Pokemon Wordle To Build A Team, Then We Battle!

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We use a Wordle like system to build a Pokemon team in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and then we battle! Someone may have found Arceus!

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Ft. @United Plays / @UnitedGamer
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12 Pokemon Fused To Build a Team, Then We Battle! Ft @GameboyLuke

15 Random Pokemon Eggs To Build a Team, Then We Battle! Ft @United Plays / @UnitedGamer

Pokemon Platinum Warp Race Ft @SmallAnt

A Pokemon Youtuber thought I’d lose a random map race.. Ft @Patterrz

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  1. You play so well in the begining but then overthink, love the energy on these

  2. I really like the Pokémon profile snapshots you added in!

  3. You keep losing cause you haven’t finished XenoVerse @ShadyPenguinn

  4. He called Metagross mediocre it's a pseudo I want what you're smoking man.

  5. I believe in you you will win let’s go Shadypenguinn

  6. I’m not really watching for entertainment now, just wanna see if shady gets a W

  7. Omg. "Caarrrl"… Are you quoting what I think you're quoting??

  8. My boy shady call meetagross not great come on shady

  9. So close! You get better every time. I was honestly having a pretty crummy day today but your video helped me forget about it all and now I can go to bed with a smile on my face. Thanks for your upbeat content! Been a fan for a long time and I plan on keeping it that way

  10. Love these but man, it's wild when even (poké)god doesn't want Shady to win

  11. I have faith in the penguin! A victory will come!

  12. Shady and acetrainerliam need to battle since both their luck is shit

  13. ok, its official, you 2 need to do a project together. A soul-Link, a Cagelocke, SOMETHING! You both work so well together, even for vids like this. I hold out hope for the day that you guys do a project together.

  14. Eleki is amazing btw!! Volt switch not u turn fyi

  15. Almoooossttt shady ❤️ this battle was so entertaining to watch ! Loving that we are getting to see lesser used Pokémon in competitive

  16. Shady, if you want to get a w on your channel, give Vinny a shout, he's great at pokemon but not when it comes to competitive mons

  17. Definitely love when the Pokémon’s set gets shown as they get caught. In a lot of these videos I wanna know what everything has, especially ability wise, and this is a much easier way than pausing every second when you’re swapping mons haha

  18. I I have just one and its nod great. Talking about a Pseudo 😉

  19. This editing is great, I always thought you and Dylan would make a good pair

  20. Please Shady, take priority moves! 😂🙏

  21. This reminds me of when Drewby (Nipps at the time) lost to Shady the first 6 times in a row in Pokémon Stadium blind battles (this was 7 years ago).

  22. Stop getting so tilted bro I just enjoy watching you play Pokémon I don’t need to see you win 😂 there’s no pressure

  23. I didn't know "unitedHayes" had a first name?!? I love this Collab!!!

  24. "Regileki isnt very good"
    regileki is actualy really friken good

  25. It’s weird seeing Pokémon like alakazam and arceus in swsh

  26. In almost every loss, there is a moment where you're going to select something but choose something else instead and it screws you. Just go with your gut Shady!!

  27. One day everyone who does these and then we fights will bring a Mon with some sort of hazard removal move just in case

  28. Lokey compound eyes gallantly is broken in gen 5 its my electric type of choice when I'm actually building the team for the elite 4

  29. I love Eiscue. Hes so cute. If I had the patience for competitive I'd train one.

  30. Alakazam has one of the worst move pools lol what

  31. I saw how small the regi he was using and how it legs were tiny

  32. Good L pokemon Latios, Latias, Lapras, Landurous, Lickilicki, Lucario, Ludicolo, Lugia

  33. 〇 • ♍︎ Cosmic ♑︎ • 𒊹︎ says:

    3:22 gets regieleki
    [two seconds later]
    Shady: Wait- DO I HAVE “R?!?”
    Me: You just got regieleki, of course it starts with the letter R.

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