Playing WORDLE on a GameBoy! -

Playing WORDLE on a GameBoy!

Elliot Coll
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I can’t believe someone has managed to do this.

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  1. The word for the first puzzle you played was probably Steel. it's the only five letter word I can think of off the top of my head with S, T and two E's

  2. it's much better on Gameboy Color, where the right letters are blue, and the right positions are black.

  3. oh the bravery to show the wordle skills on youtube gets a like from me boyo!

  4. It's literally Lingo, but they don't give you the first letter.

  5. The first one had two e's in it so it was s t e e

  6. The Analogue is not a fu@ken gameboy, it's a hardware emulator of one…

  7. I can't wait until someone ports Tetris to the Gameboy! It would make the Gameboy trending.

  8. Btw i think the First Word was "steel"

  9. Is the game worth a try or is it another app that makes it impossible by being in American English 😢

  10. Haha – that’s brilliant. I’m going to try this on my Everdrive later. As I started watching this I thought “why hasn’t Elliot put this on his main channel?” Then I saw how bad he is at Wordle and fully understood 😉
    Only kidding Elliot – very entertaining content that gave me a Sunday morning chuckle.

  11. Someone is working on a Game Boy Color version of the game with a better font and color coding. He sent me a proto of it before the color conversion and it's glorious. It uses a bit of the original code of this version! Stay tuned for it!

  12. elliot not knowing what word to input is the most relatable shit ever

  13. Since the second E was grey, it was misplaced, so maybe it was "STEEL"? 🤔

  14. Starting with an S every time is a complete waste of a letter space. You should mix up the letters to use up as many options as possible, and that’s one space to use for finding out of a letter is or is not in the word.

  15. I'm definitely trying this for myself, even only on emulator. And I think the word might have been 'steel'?

  16. Hope the bike thing is going better elliot!

  17. ‘This is terrible content’ … 125k watching 😂

  18. Reminds me of the dutch tv program lingo from the late 80’s.

  19. The moment you said: 'this is terrible contecnt', is the moment I pressed like

  20. W o r d l e G a m e B o y e d i t i o n

  21. Yayyyyyy. That was some good acting haha

  22. Not giving you the answer when you lose is a dealbreaker. They should do a better GBC version

  23. put the link in the description. there is no legal issue, this is original software that does not contain any copyrighted code.

  24. …You know you could have said who made it. Stacksmashing is a fellow youtuber after all.

  25. Hello Is there anyway I can contact you about my ds lite it’s all banged up I tried to fix it myself but I’m scared to touch anything else

  26. Check the gameboy game Lingo, it's WORDLE but made in 1994

  27. The Game Boy already had a game similar to this back in the day… Lingo!

  28. 13k views and only 100 comments tf? I love Elliot

  29. My mother uses my Gameboy pocket to play wordle while eating out wating for food or other such situations. Thank you for the video. Sucks regular wordle only does one word a day

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