Playing The World's Biggest Game Of Wordle -

Playing The World’s Biggest Game Of Wordle

Max Fosh
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  1. Ironically this video had a Revolut ad after it

  2. are these the same lads that projected onto the russian embassy?

  3. almost £5000 for using a light is not really mate rates

  4. Imagine having a lovely midnight boat trip and along past the cliffs of Dover and just seeing a ginormous game of doodle jump floating on the side of the clif

  5. Gotta say, the Fosh pit sounds cool, except "Fosh" is pronounced the same way we say diarrhea in hungarian. Just thought I'd let you know

  6. So if I get curve I get the fiver from the video? You did say ‘this fiver’ so what are you delivering it or?

  7. I remember playing this game of wordle a few days ago.

  8. The consistency when the brand deals hit 😍😂love it max next stop 1M LETS GO 🥳

  9. The projector people seem very familiar with this particular projection location… Have they done it before? Are they who I think they are?

  10. This idea for the video is just not as good as your others.

  11. max fosh does an illegal in order to use the white cliffs as his phone, 2022 colourised

  12. Max you alright have you not been sleeping this last fortnight. With all these vedios

  13. This chap paid almost 5 grand and went to a different city at midnight to play a single game of Wordle.

  14. Rob Banks the international baddie is back in business. Its good to see you back on the channel. Missed you

  15. lol i got this one first guess because i always start with other

  16. The foshter back at it with a cracking upload

  17. CNt believe that Max would exposed he plays Wordle on easy mode

  18. This is absolutely getting out of control…. I love it 😂😂😂

  19. The international bad boy seems to be popping off

  20. The way he was saying "give me greens!!!!" Reminded me of a gambling addiction

  21. You know what I hate? Wordle isn’t a five letter word…

  22. He had to do it 3 nights in a row before he completed the wordle

  23. Other gave me so much grief man and I felt so dumb when it finally clicked

  24. he needs to do the biggest game of chrome dinosaur

  25. Maybe next time, just buy samsung the wall tv. You can make that thing soooo big….

  26. Who else was screaming "other, you fool!" at their screens?

  27. Dude could be sending an entry to Guinness Book of World Records every few weeks.

  28. Max is literally just a professional at shenanigans

  29. Not skipping the paid partnership section, downloading the app and using it, not to get the £5 but just to ensure we get more random, incredible from Max. That’s Silly to the Max, right there.

  30. Why does this dude look like someone slapped him in the face (red cheecks)? Is that some kind of illness?

  31. This trend isn't dying, me and my friends have a gc where we upload wordle results, nerdle results, mini nerdle results, quordle results and wordful (wordle app) results like if we get 2 in a row lol

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