PIPE DREAM, JOINT, LUCID - "Connections" - March 7 (Find the Categories) #puzzle #daily - wordle.plus

PIPE DREAM, JOINT, LUCID – “Connections” – March 7 (Find the Categories) #puzzle #daily

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Game name is “Connections” and is available to play on the New York Times website or games app.

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  1. I got the purple one instantly as soon as I saw Lucid. So I had 0 mistakes after that. The blue category I had 0 idea what it could’ve been and when I saw the category I knew I was never guessing that

  2. Btw, I love that you saw "things you smoke". 😂 I saw it too but I honestly didnt think NYT would put joint in as somerhing you smoke. Haha

  3. I actually managed to get the Stub category as my second to last because I immediately thought Ticket Stub and Stubbing your Toe, and saw DREAM after I had gotten all the other ones.

  4. I got it correct but thought the last category was something electronic, as in e-cigarette, e-ticket, and maybe e-pencil (stylus pen?) but what would be an e-toe 😂

  5. My brain was not working today as I only got the dream one right (the supposed hardest)!

  6. I though the blue category was going to be something along the lines of Things You File. You file a ticket, you file your toe with a nail file, and you file a pencil to sharpen it. Only thing I wasn’t sure about was Cigarette, but I thought Cigarette file might be a thing. I don’t smoke, so…

  7. The only hard one you got i did first try lmao

  8. It's kinda weird, but sometimes the vague connections we make are decently spot-on.

  9. This is the first time I actually got the purple category first

  10. Been smoking for 13 years, and I've never heard anyone refer to it as a cigarette stub.

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