Opening Day Wordle -

Opening Day Wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #292 for Thursday, April 7th.

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  1. Bigges golf tournament this weekend and starts today, but y and do Tiger on Sunday for TIGER Sundays r the best in golf

  2. You should try the nerdle for April 8! It’s so odd!

  3. Please start with rough wacky and stile day21

  4. I always thought you had illinois dad vibes and now i know why

  5. My sixth guess was moray. Probably wouldn't have got foray anyway

  6. you should start with DODGE, because the dodgers are gonna win it all, sorry scott

  7. Cardinals all day. Start with Cards when we play yall next maybe.

  8. As a White Sox fan, I can’t in my right mind cheer for the Cubs today

  9. Try duotrigordle or quordle or octordle(probably not wordle) with FLING TUBES CHAMP WORDY

  10. you should try the marvel wordle. if u do start with "stark" cause it has a lot of good starting letters.

  11. Try the starting words:
    B*tch, Wedgy, Pours, Flank

    Edit: or Fitch, Wedgy, Pours, Blank

  12. may i borrow ur brain when im doing a wordle

  13. i guessed molar too but it took me a while to get foray, though i did get it the next try

  14. I suggest you try the semantle, it makes absolutely no sense but I think you could get it.

  15. Wait, your a Cubs fan????? I’m live near St Louis so…

  16. you should start with fight then blown then jerky then camps
    it always works for me 🙂

  17. this is a very specific comment to make but i had the exact same thought process as you (knowing that it was ora in the middle) and thinking it was lorax.
    here’s the thing: literally today, i have a dance performance with my school that i’ve been working on since september and the song i choreographed my dance to IS FROM THE LORAX
    anyway just thought this was a crazy little coincidence

  18. Part of the Iowa gang? I have seen you wear Iowa State shirts in prior vids and cubs fans are all over here

  19. Got Todays wordle in 5, was a little tougher then usual but it worked out in the end, but for your next starting word you should do chime. Good luck 🙂

  20. This was one of my better games recently


  21. If you like baseball you should WARDLE where you guess the MLB player

  22. I gave up and spammed ..Should've waited for you to give me the answer

  23. I had so much struggle with this word so I decided to give up

  24. Today’s (8th) is the first one I’ve gotten in two tries! Probably one of the easier ones

  25. My guy start with

  26. I got it in 2 yesterday started with groan

  27. Shocked at how many people don’t know so many words. Wordle is really exposing peoples vocabularies.

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