One letter at a time (April 19, 2023) #wordle -

One letter at a time (April 19, 2023) #wordle

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This is the Wordle for April 19, 2023 (#669).

Today’s starting word is LLAMA. Yesterday’s Countryle answer was Argentina, which means the llama rule applies. The llama rule is similar to the camel rule, except it’s llamas.

Check out today’s Countryle video here:

For my Wordle starting word for tomorrow, I’ll use a five-letter word related to today’s COUNTRYLE answer. I welcome suggestions in the comments!

See below for today’s Countryle answer.

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Today’s Countryle answer was Guatemala.


  1. Very funny solve with the pattern and the greens!

  2. Awesome solve ! Look at all the greens, just like thyme. You must have a green thumb.

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