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Oh, wait, actually the best Wordle opener is not “crane”…

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A slight correction to the previous video, with some more details about how the best first word was chosen.
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0:00 – The Bug
3:31 – How the best first guess is chosen
8:54 – Does this ruin the game?

Nice post by Jonathan Olson on optimal wordle algorithms:

More on optimal strategies:


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  1. I've been using crane and it's been working just fine 😂

  2. duh, of course it's not. that's only two vowels, pick a word with three vowels, slam dunk

  3. Well I won't feel cheap for using crate and raise for opening words since those were my 2 openers before I watched this video lol

  4. Intentionally making a minor mistake so you can post an "apology" update a few days later and get a sweet second hit of viewers – YOU'RE DOUBLE DIPPING, COSTANZA!

  5. 5:45 shocked to see the completely random word which I thought is a good one to start with is 3rd in list

  6. Cool way of hitting "clickbaitable" masses with actual information that can "upgrade" them. Tech Ingredients did the same with "World’s Best Speakers!" and Applied Science with "thumbnails". Gotta fight influencers' degrading "influence".

  7. Im confused how steal is not right next to salet. Wouldnt it give basically the same information?

  8. the word that works best for me is penis. no homo tho

  9. The method that I used required 3 guesses just to find the five letters(UNITY, SPARE, BLOCK) but even it is not 100% efficient.

  10. To be fair, CRATE and CRANE are almost identical with only one letter being different.

  11. Well they filtered out some semi – potty mouth words i found out last night. technical term for a female dog anyone…? That word list HAS changed in the last week, so the stats must've done so too. new video please!

  12. Ok man, enough already

  13. My favorite opening is TENOR then DIALS (then CHUMP if needed)

  14. I made exactly that mistake with my implementation and it was kinda cool to see that you did too

  15. How I can try out this algorithm? I want to use it for WordHoot 😀

  16. It would be cool to see you solve a real world problem with a fancy algorithm. Something like optimising the electric power distribution network by calculating the best location to place pylons or something like that

  17. @3Blue1Brown As far as I can tell, you're still not using the non-existence of a letter in your next-guess determination. For example, if your starting word is CRANE and you get a Yellow status on R & E but gray on the others, you should eliminate all words that contain a C A or N.

  18. I always open with “audio” followed by “entry”. Sure I won’t get first guess or second guess, but from there I know which vowels to use.

  19. I would love to know what the technically worst first guess is!

  20. Did this for today's wordle and not a single letter was in it lmao

  21. I would love to see an analysis of 2nd word strategy. The two schools of thought are to build off clues from your first guess, versus choosing a word with entirely new letters to gain as much letter information as possible for a better 3rd round guess.

  22. I wonder if that mistake would have been caught in peer review

  23. soare literally gave me zero yellow or green today…looks like wordle watched your video!

  24. I always use "tears", but I haven't seen any plurals come up in the games i play. So, having the s on the end seems like a bad idea. I notice that "reast" appears in a few of the lists, that seems like an awesome first guess, my takeaway from watching this is probably to change to that!

  25. ADIEU followed by SNORT is very good for always solving the puzzle, but not great for early solving.

  26. Your videos are excellent – please never change your approach. Very engaging, informative and fun!

  27. If you would use the frequency of appearance of each word in the English language, then that wouldn't per se correlate with the likelihood of those words being chosen by the game. You would just be assuming that every known English word is actually on that list without that being true.

    Thought it would be fun if it did since that would allow the game to vary the difficulty.

  28. Thanks for the correction but not shocked to see adding an extra vowel and an s is more valuable. I didn't use crane because of this fact.

  29. wordle is about having fun with words. so choosing from a tiny pool of starter words each day is incredibly boring – and there's no challenge in it

  30. I'm subscribing to anyone who subbs me says:

    For the 1% of the people reading this,I hope you become successful in the life! 🙂

  31. I wrote some python code to attack Absurdle (an adversarial Wordle version where you are given the least possible information after each guess). While you are looking at average case information from each guess, my implementation looked for worst case information from each guess. I ended up finding more than 200 starting words that yield 4 turn worst case games (based on my own Absurdle implementation which might handle ties differently that the original Absurdle). A remarkable number had a 'y' in them (like 100 or so).

  32. I use CRANE for many days and now you put SALET on my head. That’s ok.

  33. You are one of the best content creators out here. Period!

  34. Using just letter prevalence for the first occurrences of letters across the full dictionary I came up with "arose" for a first guess, which has the same letters are "soare", so I'm feeling good.

  35. I love the word audio. Until one day it was all gray….

  36. What I'm curious about is can the algorithm still lose? Even if it always opts for more information and only makes the best guess once there's only one choice or on the final line?

  37. My simple mind thinks to find all the vowels as early as possible and also find the common letters like s,d,t,p,n,m .. in first two tries. With that in mind, if I start with "slate" how good of a choice is the word "point" for second word choice? To me seems i covered many major consonants and almost all the vowels in two word guesses. I think My hit rate would be over 60% for getting over 3 yellow/green hits between those two words…am I correct? I mean are my first two word choices good according to your algorithm?

  38. "Crane" is actually a very good opening guess for humans. Like in Wheel of Fortune, "RSTLNE" are some of the most common letters, and "Crane" hits a lot of them in some semi-common spots.

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