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We’ve been playing and loving Wordle, so Chaz decided to turn it into a multiplayer game! Let’s try it out with a few of our friends.

Play Wordle here:

(The Multiplayer Wordle shown in this video was created exclusively for this video — we will not be releasing it to the public. We’re just really big fans of Wordle.)

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  1. wagyu and oiled are good words to start with bc it gives you 5 vowels and 2 semivowels

  2. I am confuzzled with stephens "strategy" in the beginning 🤔

  3. man i also learned the word trawl from mystery dungeon carlos

  4. Oh this was a treat. I hope we see more. XD

  5. I'd LOVE to see Emile join this knowing his track record with word games totallynottalkingaboutwheeloffortune

  6. The players' names lighting up when they speakis such a great inclusion

  7. I'm just excited and happy that more TRG Colosseum members got to join the Stephen & Friends party. Here's hoping they come back in more videos!

  8. Gosh, Stephen sucks at this game. xD lol

  9. This Stephen and friends car is chaotic and beautiful and I love it ❤️ probably one of my favorite S&F episodes to date!

  10. Will this be hated more than the other games you played with everyone else?

  11. Now I understand why everyone was tweeting yellow and green squares. I thought that it was just a puzzle you need to figure out 🤣

  12. Wordle has made everyone's brain melt and I love that this game is a thing. XD

  13. We have a TV show in the UK with this concept called 'Lingo'

  14. ProtonJon: finally able to join Stephen and Friends
    The game: …Wordle?

  15. Glad that Jon’s first guess is also “Slate” get those Wheel of Fortune common letters down first!

  16. Man, Carlos was robbed right at the end. Still, this was a great watch and I'd love to see more of it.

    Memorable Moments:
    (17:4118:22) — Wingding Wordle + Subtle hints.
    (18:2219:23, 19:3719:58) — Persevering Thomas.

  17. This game looks like it would make you feel very limited in vocabulary, hahaha

  18. I've never heard of this game, but I've seen the TV game show 'Lingo' and it's absolutely identical, so it makes me wonder which came first.

  19. My favorite Tetris 99/Pac-Man 99/Super Mario 35 spin-off, Wordle 13

  20. There needs to be more of this tbh. This gave me serotonin and other happy brain chemicals. This was glorious!

  21. Stephen, how did you read my mind? I was thinking about Stephen and Friends featuring ProtonJon a few days ago!
    Also, that last one is a word?! I thought it was spelled with a u.

  22. Even though I'd only seen the random yellow and green squares posted on discord, as soon as they started playing I instantly understood the game.

  23. As always i dislike when words use repeat letters.

  24. Make sure to watch for the very end, there's a post credits scene here.

  25. So the most I had seen of Wordle before this was everyone's tweets, took a round or two to figure out. . .but this was great. I know bigger groups are hard to find games for, but it was nice seeing this large a group able to get together and just have fun.

  26. Im at 0:34 and I want to say this… what is wordle? This is the first I'm hearing of it.

  27. this is like wordle but as a nintendo battle royale

    we have tetris 99
    pacman 99
    super mario 35, for a time,
    wordle 13

  28. Wordle is just Lingo without the bingo element

  29. this was UTTERLY delightful oh my god

  30. t was rally cool to get to see so many people I love on a Stephen and friends video, such a great group and very entertaining.

    Dang Carlos is really good at this, and so is Jon but I knew he was good at word games, put the two of them and Tim up against one another and I bet that would be one heck of a match

  31. this is absolutely amazing and I'd absolutely love to see it done again

  32. I know what two words to open with, if I ever play this with family and friends…

  33. This is my kind of game, I think I would love Wordle racing.

  34. I was pulling for Thomas to win this being a librarian and all I’m glad he stuck with it and figured it out because I wouldn’t have been able to I’m terrible with spelling

  35. This was certainly the most varied Stephen and Friends. Four trg members, three of which are new to Stephen and Friends, is something I wasn’t expecting

  36. I'm glad Chaz's patented doom chime is still being used in the projects he makes.

  37. Could you release the multiplayer mod please? It would be super cool 😎✌🏼

  38. I love that Sab and I have almost the exact same strategy in this game; I always start with steal, she always starts with slate. I usually switch to Round after, just to get almost all the vowels and six common consonants out of the way.

  39. 15:11 Dan guessing words randomly gives me so much hope for my own attempts

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