Most EMBARRASSING Wordle attempt ever... -

Most EMBARRASSING Wordle attempt ever…

JM Gaming (Jomboy Media)
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It’s still Wordle Wednesday somewhere, so WARNING: contains spoilers for May 19 Wordle

Jomboy Media office competes in weekly Wordle competition


  1. Some of you are confusing the word “scowl” with this word.

  2. HOW did they cut before showing everyone's reaction to Jomboy 😅

  3. SCOUR ≠ SCOWL – You SCOUR a dirty pan, and you SCOWL while you do it.

  4. The camera's auto focus was on the same struggle bus as Jomboy for this one. Sheesh lol

  5. This is completely unwarranted but I enjoy reading into the clues and verbalised thoughts each of them present. Makes me think I'm getting a glimpse into their minds. Having said that, I didn't need to read into shit to see that Jimmy's brain broke like a twig under a boulder.

    A fun group of people. I hope their work is fulfilling and well-paid!

  6. I feel like the new secret results reveal with the set visible to the main office, a contestant lying on the floor in despair could really be a big boost for the other Wordlers. Or maybe they’re just throwing a decoy like those Geogod Guys. 🤔

  7. Dan Rourke's mind will be studied by scientists for generations to come.

  8. I stayed up for this one and it was worth it. Producer Matty with the "what strategy are you going for here?" 🤌

  9. This was….terrible. Jimmy … dude? Are you okay? I don't know you and I worry about you.

  10. I love that no one has a clue what this word means…

  11. BBD must be gutted after just losing out again

  12. Always entertaining but you guys need to set the focus on your camera, I thought I was having a stroke

  13. Some of these were hard to watch not gonna lie 😭

  14. I dunno, me thinks Sales Steve cheated somehow..

  15. La légende de REIKOO.Uno snowquen's est mon idole. C'est la personne que j'aspire à êtreu, c'est ma lumière du jour

  16. Lol Jimmy doing the ad after blowing it on the word

  17. MY GLAUCOMA!!! Anybody gonna bother to tell Jimmy that he has the wrong definition of scour. "I don't think you can have a word without an A." Immediately after putting in loopy and store.

  18. At least for Jimmy they mercy cut him going colorblind from the grand reveal to the office.

  19. I was so excited for BBD this week then he gets robbed again!

  20. Sales steve already knew the word for the day.

  21. Jimmy clueless of the mistake had me in tears 😂, to bad for BBD though… I thought he had it this time

  22. The face on BBD's face at the end, was heart breaking. Thought he had it this time

  23. It feels like a couple of these players took notes from the Astros.

  24. We're expected to believe Sales Steve didn't cheat? Who shows ZERO emotion when you get it right on the 2nd guess?

  25. Absolutely saved my sleepless night at 1:47am.

  26. BBD is probably the best and has yet to win, keep ur chin up kid.

  27. Jimmy is definitely Yellow-Green colorblind lmao

  28. No emotion getting wordle in 2? 🤨

  29. Dan might have the worst starting word of all time

  30. The “proud hero stance” by Luke at the end! 😂

  31. Im mind blown.. how do you go from Alien to Short!?

  32. I think Steve already knew the word. BBD clear winner! Office should throw a challenge flag. To be honest..

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