MMG's First Ever WORDLE..! -

MMG’s First Ever WORDLE..!

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try and get the word before we do!! we will being these wordles probably every stream now so get in there!!!



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  1. Wordles numbers were down until Papa brought them back up immediately

  2. Funny how u said ur not flight when the first vid in my reccomendations was a flight vid

  3. do the nfl one. it's called weddle. or the nba one. poetle

  4. If he clips out last night’s Wordle the vid would be 30 minutes

  5. Just letting you know the Wordle word will never be a plural word like bears or reeds

  6. Title should’ve been “6’5 245 man struggles to solve word puzzle”

  7. Start w Maple,Sound,Fight. You get all vowels and good letters never doubling up on any letter

  8. I’m been starting out with Bears for a while now and everyone always bullies me cause they say it sucks, so him starting with it made my day honestly

  9. Bro wordle is like the most popular thing at my school 😂

  10. Broooo I watched this live stream and it took soooooo long

  11. Not using dark theme should be a federal crime 🤦‍♂️

  12. Wow my 80 year old English teacher and Matt both have something in common

  13. It’s not a bad thing to reuse a letter. If it helps find places for other letters do it.

  14. You should try wordle while high would probably be funny af

  15. Where do u and chase get ur graphic tees they r always so heat

  16. Just a tip! Wordle is never a plural word🙂

  17. It would be fire if u guys did poetl as well it’s the nba version

  18. Your not gonna believe me, but on the third guess I said "Hmm, try fewer."

  19. You should do poeltl too. It’s the nba version

  20. WO2k idea do poeltle as a wheel spin to get that player and you can look at the silhouette

  21. You need to play lewdle. It’s inappropriate wordle

  22. Papa I was playing Quordle today and in practice mode Semen was one of the words I got it in three and then got the rest after 8 guesses. Quordle: 9 guesses to get 4 wordles done simultaneously.

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