let's write a Wordle clone (part 3: adding react) - wordle.plus

let’s write a Wordle clone (part 3: adding react)

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part 2:
final code:
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  1. Bro didn't fix his code, bro fixed the library to match his code, I knew about you via ChatGPT btw, I was asking him about React masters to learn from, great content ❤️

  2. stunning content dan. I shattered that thumbs up on your video. Keep up the very good work.

  3. I didn't konw you had a channel, very happy to see you working on stuff, the way you think through, etc. Thanks for sharing Dan.

  4. would be mega awesome if you will make a react app which covers many react features, like a library or a mini shop or something like that.

  5. What software are you using to record your screen is it loom

  6. Dan, tell us the secret how can you stay for 3 hours focused on writing code? 🙂

  7. Thank you so much 😬I did made a wordle clone in python I thought of making a GUI app but then I thought I should go for a web app instead of django or flask I was trying to build it with js And using a framework like react I think this will help me a lot thanks 😇

  8. i lol'd when dan said to parcel
    'don't tell me this isn't json, this is perfectly valid json'

  9. thank you dan fpr your thought process and all the stuff. learnt a lot

  10. Hey dan please make some videos on concepts of javascript … Like promises, clouser, event delegation n all

  11. 3 hours of mumbling and bumbling, no thank you, unsubscribe

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