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Just HORSIN’ around with today’s Wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #274 for Sunday, March 20th.

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  1. you should start with adieu since it has 4 vowels in it!

  2. Start with French, then fries In wordle because everyone likes French fries

  3. Hey I see your hat in the video, are you also from Iowa? I'm wearing an Iowa State hoodie right now, that's crazy

  4. Love this type of content with a video in the back, how do you do it? Do you chroma key the white out in the background of the Wordle?

  5. This was also a word I got in 3 guesses, but I didn’t get this word until today.

    I started with Stone, then went on to Raven, and Raven got me what I needed for Renew.

  6. This was my first wordle on hard mode it was hard

  7. Can somebody tell me what the heck wordle is

  8. Ive been doing Choir and ample but the way they’ve been doubling letters in wordle is annoying 🤣🤣

  9. Anyone else think he cheats? He said p wasn’t the best letter but showed no hesitation with w?

  10. I got renew in my second guess, pretty lucky

  11. So that what it looks like. I play the water version

  12. So weird my guesses were scout > ripen > renew

    It was totally random that I picked ripen second lol

  13. Lowkey thought this was gonna be a bojack reference

  14. It would be funny starting with wordle, but it sadly has 6 letters, not 5. Maybe in a 6-letter-wordle.

  15. Hey Scott

    I love your vids man and always try and do the same starting words as you!!

    But anyway, I want you to start with munch, tread, alone and spoil

    Thanks! (Hopefully you read and reply to this comment)

  16. first vid where u didnt start talking with the word "alright" lol

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