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julien plays wordle

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  1. Yassssss. This game makes me feel dumb haha. As my brother said “I’m glad it’s only one a day because that is healthy for me”. Relate to that. I would just keep going

  2. Lol I got this one my second guess but that was probably only because my first guess was flour and sugar was an obvious next step from there

  3. now I understand why people would get excited to do crosswords every day in the newspaper and actually talk to each other about it back in the day

  4. I am saying sugar once he threw in grain…dammit am I gonna have to play this

  5. Julien, wow. This was frustrating to watch lol

  6. I told my dad about this and the first day he didn't get it so I had to call and explain for 20 minutes how to play. Now he texts me every morning to let me know how he did. And I mean every morning. Today it was accompanied by a "I really love this game" text.

  7. I can’t be the only one who clicks on a video like this and goes «ooowh.. only ten minutes?🥺»

  8. Wtfffff!!!! My teacher literally introduced this to us today and now this? Fucc my liiiiife is weird!!! 😂

  9. just did my first wordle after watching this video cause at first i was too lazy/dumb to know how to play it lol but you made it easy

  10. Oof, games like this always make me feel dumb… then mad… then just sad 😅 I'd been seeing it mentioned everywhere and couldn't help but to be a little curious, but at least I know now not to play it, lol

  11. It’s one thing to see the emojis on everyone’s feeds but why is it so fun to watch someone else play?! This is the first time I’ve seen someone else do it and it’s so entertaining!

  12. Hey Julien!
    How about a Harry Potter watch party? 😀

  13. I hope Julen plays today's puzzle it is perfect for him. I've only played like 10 puzzles but I haven't lost one yet.

  14. bro I deadass thought it was durag 100%

  15. What an abstract way of thinking about words and having to wait to play again sets it apart. Pretty neat! Might have to try me some of that wordle.

  16. i started the day before julien did (the word was knoll btw which like?? idk what that is) and there is nothing better than the moment you finally figure out a word after going through all your left over letters (wogar? pogar? dogar? sogar?)

  17. hate seeing people try to spoil it in chat :/

  18. You see I play this but on iPhone I think it’s called wordlets, I get to play whenever I want but I’m still way too dumb for it

  19. lmao we played wordle for the first time on the same day. i was going for 30 minutes and it was my dog’s name 🤣

  20. I love wordle but it's so frustrating to watch and also to play 😂 Like when you get to the spot that Julien gets to where you have three letters right but not in the correct spot and your brain just like. forgets every single word in the english language that contains those letters 😅

  21. I feel like Wordle is to 2022 what HQ Trivia was to 2017 😂

  22. Wordle reminds me of hacking terminals in Fallout and now I’m excited to play.

  23. The dopamine hit this gave you was fantastic to watch.

  24. knoll was the word where i was like "lolololol i miss world of warcraft let me put knoll"

  25. has he been playing this every day on stream after that? lol

  26. It’s soooo fun though. The feeling of getting it! Day made.

  27. He got it faster than I did. I'm embarrassed how long it took me to get that one. I use sugar at work every day 🤦🏼‍♀️

  28. …downloaded the app….now I'm hooked. Thank you!

  29. I honestly just don't get this game or things like it lol. It's like how I hate riddles since the answer could be a ton of things. It makes my head hurt trying to think of literally any word with certain letters 😭 Stupid gang where u at

  30. LMFAO chat got zapped so fast

    also this was so obviously sugar as soon as he got the GRA hint but i know in the moment i probably would not have figured it out as fast as i did while watching this

  31. I used to take drugs and then try to play games like this. I’m not smart so I’m not sure why… but I don’t do those drugs anymore and I still don’t know the answer. Thanks for reading. Good luck to you this year. Thank

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