Jomboy Media competes in WORDLE! -

Jomboy Media competes in WORDLE!

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WARNING: contains spoilers for February 2 Wordle

The Jomboy Media office members see who can guess today’s Wordle in the fewest guesses. Jomboy, Talkin’ Jake, Joez McFly, Jolly Olive, and more compete to see who can take the crown!


  1. Dude we need an mlb the show 3 inning tournament.

  2. there is absolutely some cheating and shenanigans going on here. joust to moist? yeah right. slimy to moist? lotus to moist?

  3. I love Jimmy’s attitude in this lol, walked in having never played, nailed it and then made fun of Joez essentially lol

  4. Jim is correct. That's why I always start with "adieu".

  5. I’m so happy that zack uses the exact same strategy that I do

  6. I need to see them announce the winner to everyone involved!

  7. Woah! No warnings about BBD’s shirt?!?! Cmon now, that shit caught me way off guard.

  8. Zack clued in to the best strategies…dominates Mario kart with the drift boost and pulls roate out

    Dan's reaction was great

  9. Dan pop off was not expected. This was enjoyable

  10. I almost made it halfway through before I got bored. Not trying to be a hater, but this is like watching someone else play solitaire.

  11. Holy shit BBD’s got a shirt from Dan Flash’s

  12. Next time y’all need to hit up the evil version, Absurdle

  13. For the intro, are you purposefully NOT using the microphone right next to your face? That sound wasn't right

  14. O’Brien without his phone set to Dark Mode like an animal

  15. I usually start with audio. Sometimes adieu, but I feel like the e is easier to sus out.

  16. OUIJA & RESTY have all the vowels and common consonants in the English language

  17. As in Scrabble, I question the core morality of people who use words they don’t know the meaning of. So if you want ROATE, try ORATE, or there’ll be hell to pay.

  18. Bruh, you can't just look up and use words you don't even know. ROATE is bunk.

  19. seizure girl definitely smokes weed

  20. A lot of sniffles in here. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. 🤔😅

  21. Ngl, the outcome of this competition seems kinda racist and sexist

  22. Love seeing the whole squad! This is a dope video, well done.

  23. Dude in the JM gaming merch is me every day playing it

  24. "Cant' rush me through Wordle".. proceeds to solve in under a minute

  25. If only Joez didnt yell out the answer to Jimmy lol

  26. I'm disappointed in Joez. He didn't scream as much as I thought.

  27. Statistically orate is the best word to start. It contains the highest frequency of letters used in all words.

  28. How much was BBD’s shirt out the door? Looks bargain bin

  29. My go to first word is AUDIO. Knocks out 4 vowels easy

  30. put them all on hard mode and its fair. otherwise everyone can go crazy like the guy at 9:50

  31. is bbd wearing the shirt from i think you should leave with a lot of intricate patterns so it makes it more expensive?

  32. 18:44 Actually, Jomboy… eliminating all the vowels to start often leaves you with any number and combo of consonants and only 4 guesses. Knowing that you have to use at least one vowel in every word you guess anyway, it's good to prioritize systematically knocking out all the vowels by the third word and eliminating the most common consonants instead. This leaves you with only seldom used letters that narrows down the word possibilities significantly. This strategy also helps overcome double letter day BS

  33. “I’m nervous, my hearts beating.” Well I’d sure hope it is

  34. So this is the first video I think I’ve ever seen on actual Wordle. I’ve managed to avoid other people playing it and YouTube videos about their best rounds and whatnot.

    Nonetheless, now realizing that the game that has caught the world’s attention is basically the “wordmaster” game for Nintendo DS that I played like 15 years ago when I was in elementary school. That’s where we’re at as a species? That’s tough

  35. dan started with the worst words possible, but he still did it in 4, nice!

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