It's Wordle... But For Chess!? -

It’s Wordle… But For Chess!?

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Hikaru may be one of the strongest Grandmasters in the world, but how good is he at the chess themed Wordle spin off Chessle?















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  1. Dear Hikaru, welcome to live in Great Russia – we'll give you gold chess board to play coz all Russian people love you very much.

  2. everybody gangup until hikaru accidentally reveals prep

  3. Putting money in Magnus' pocket cos it's sponsored by Chessable? Good for you Hikaru

  4. You should find the best starting sequence of moves to solve the chess Le in the smallest amount of moves and call it the chessle gambit

  5. 0:01 that laugh made me instant like the video hohohohohoooooh 🤣🤣

  6. I tried Chessle, and I must say that it’s incredibly hard when you don’t know any openings. It’s not just that I dont know them well, it’s that I genuinely have never learned openings or anything like that. The only thing I’ve learned from watching Hikaru and The Botez Sisters is to control the center. Regardless, I got my first chessle game in 4 guesses. I felt pretty good about it

  7. Unfortunate timing Chessle is under maintenance now that Hikaru’s viewers want to play.

  8. Shouldn't everything be 'J U I C E R ' though????

  9. If you say "wait" one more fuckin time I'm gonna lose it.

  10. Hikaru struggling almost like the King's gambit isn't in his repertoire.

  11. Hikaru struggling on KG is understandable. Back then chess were wildin without computers

  12. i tought my mom wordle and the first thing she said to me was" That game reminds me of master mind i used to play when i was little!" lol

  13. even the easy mode is almost impossible for an average player

  14. just press f12 from your keyboard >> go to console >> type "ans" >> the answer is shown ,,, bye

  15. one thing to increase your efficiency in mastermind like games (e.g. mastermind, wordle, chessle, etc.) is once you already have a confirmed item in a position, but still too little information about the entire sequence you can use that position to gain more information in your next try:
    more concretely in chessle, if you know the first move of white is e4 (it appears green) in your second guess you can put something different as the first move of white, like a knight move or a different pawn move to get new information about if that move is part of the opening, instead of putting a move you already know happened like e4 (which yields 0 new information) instead.
    (btw sorry for my bad English, It is sadly not my native language)
    (edited it to add more commas)

  16. This is might actually be a really interesting way for to study openings 😂

  17. 6:14 I memorised a few king's gambit lines a little while ago so I was pretty sure of the solution even then lol

  18. Did you guys know that Knight moves are rare?

    Bonus fact: Pawn moves are common

  19. 3:43 when my grandpa has a mate in 1, but I unplug his life support.

  20. Wow finished one in 2 guesses, it was quite the read I got.

  21. I think at 2:30 hikaru shouldn’t choose Bg2 after choosing g3 because he can use it to test another move. If g3 is correct then obviously bg2 will follow, but I guess it’s a gamble bc he risks not being correct on the second try

  22. I'd probably do this line every first round:
    1. e4 e5
    2. d4 d5
    3. Nf3 Nf6
    4. Bc4 c5
    5. Nc3 Nc6

  23. at 14:57 I thought white had to play e5 at some point but i forgot the other color could also play the move

  24. Mine was fried liver and I got it first try lol

  25. Ludwig has a massive Chessle due to pectus excavatum

  26. Interesting concept. I haven´t heard of it before so I just thought about the swabian sufix "le" as the diminutive. so I thought this would be about a very simple form of chess.

  27. 3:43 Hikaru after solving Chessle compared to when he win the Fide Grand Prix rn XDD this man

  28. He is cheating. He has the entire openings database in his brain that he is referencing from.

  29. Anyone else watching having no idea of the terminology

  30. I don't understand anything but i still enjoy it lol

  31. Your twitch chat contributes so much to the conversation.. holy emoji Batman..

  32. when hikaru played bc4 I instantly thought italian, but the king's gambit made more sense

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