It's LEAP DAY! - "Connections" - February 29 2024 (Find the Categories) #puzzle #daily -

It’s LEAP DAY! – “Connections” – February 29 2024 (Find the Categories) #puzzle #daily

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Game name is “Connections” and is available to play on the New York Times website or games app.

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  1. I know only what I've gleaned from viewing several of your shorts, and I never would have guessed that letters could be reversed to create four new words that fit in a category 😅.

  2. Its funny because Tang is a fish itself😂

  3. Anybody that wonders what a gnat is 👇

  4. Tang gnat reed deer flow wolf dirB bird

  5. The first category I got was the store valuables, then the animals backwards 😂

  6. Does he have to make it so obvious that he reads the hints before recording these? 😂

  7. I got the blue easily. Then was looking at yellow but vault confused me. So then i saw green and was like okay so ik yellow. Coffer = coffin = storage

  8. Hey I wanted to ask what this game is called I really like your‘re videos ❤😊 and enjoy them😊😊

  9. For the last one my guess was basketball moves

  10. Its all fun and games till someone steps on it- 🔥

  11. I've typically heard coffers when referring to the storage of valuables belonging to royalty (e.g. "royal coffers") so luckily I guessed that category easily!
    Was nice seeing the same thought process after I solved it

  12. I only know Coffer because of the Coin Coffers from Mario. I'm surprised they gave us such an easy puzzle today

  13. I started playing connections today because I keep seeing your videos!! It was way harder than expected but I ended up getting all the ones from today in 2 or so tries haha

  14. „Koffer“ means actually suitcase in German!


  16. just did today's! I got the others but was so confused about the purple category! Very cool that you saw the reverse animal names!

  17. I'm so glad you got the purple one! I got just as excited as you when I figured it out. Fun connections today. Brutal Mini Crossword!

  18. I think you're getting the hang of those purples. 😄 I often find that if it doesn't seem like a "___" phrase (like if it uses very odd or seldom used words), chances are it's some kind of wordplay (anagrams, 1-letter change, backwards, etc)

  19. For the last one, my original guess was that it was some gen alpha slang I hadn’t heard of yet 😂😂😂

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