It's a #wordle PARTY -

It’s a #wordle PARTY

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #248 for Tuesday, February 22nd.

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  1. Try Pride for a starting word please please please please

  2. Does he ever fail one or have one that isn't mega sus?

  3. Got this in 2 guesses NORTH then just had to rearrange the letters to THORN

  4. I normally do brick then feast. And than lodge or jumpy

  5. dude i feel like he scripted the wordles stuff, he randomly said "we cant put t with u" when you can since he didnt guess u before and it happened all of his vid

  6. This guy is really good at acting like he doesn't know the answer going in. 🤣

  7. Use “Irate” It has many common letters

  8. Took me TWO tries to get this one! Only because I had recently started using “adieu” as my first word followed by “thorn” lol. I was so lucky.

  9. I always start with ratio, mends, fight, lucky

  10. my starting words are usually (i alternate fyi) power, vinyl, trash/crash, crave/crane, spoil, about!

  11. I thought it was tumor

  12. Can you please do this as your starting words
    try using them all together:)

  13. possible words i see are tutor and tumor

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