Is Wordle Getting Harder? -

Is Wordle Getting Harder?

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Wordle, the popular online word-guessing game, was bought by The New York Times in late January. Since then, many have questioned if the addicting game has gotten more difficult. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY to get everyone’s puzzling questions answered.

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  1. It’s the first puzzle game I have ever enjoyed playing.

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  3. Its not getting harderYou're getting dumber 🗿🗿

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  5. Wordle has gone woke. NYT are removing words they deem ‘offensive’ 🙄🙄 not just answers but guesses too, time to find an alternative.

  6. Considering all the answers are in the java script code on the web page for past and going possibly the next 10,000 games The Times hasn't made it more difficult, just removed potentially offensive words.

  7. Oh my God it is just a word puzzle

  8. If tomorrows word is PUPAL then NYT have NOT changed anything….what a stupid suggestion.

  9. wordle is just wheel of fortune played alone online.

  10. Haha, the words they used as an example I actually saw on wordle recently

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