Is this a funny START for #wordle? -

Is this a funny START for #wordle?

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #251 for Friday, February 25th.
In order to prevent accidental spoilers, the answer is in part 2 here –

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  1. Begin with begin because the color blue is better than a plum

  2. Wordle unlimited gives you unlimited wordles

  3. I love when he says wheel of fortune letters as if they all the letters aren’t in WoF

  4. Prince of The Herald of Fun and Friendship says:

    These arent worth 2 parts. Imma just scroll

  5. Starting with START will be great for when the word is FINAL or ENDED

  6. Try to use vivid if you didn’t complete this already

  7. You should start with funny because it's funny

  8. Do crane it is statistically the best word to start with this is the 100th time of me commenting this

  9. I always start with adieu cause it has a lot of vowels

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