Insert CORNY title here! #Wordle #Shorts -

Insert CORNY title here! #Wordle #Shorts

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(Spoilers 323) For fun, I start with the previous two day’s words and use a viewer suggestion for my 3rd!

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  1. POLER is kinda obscure but it gets the rest of the commonly used letters

  2. try glent,brick,jumpy,waqfs and vozhd

  3. It was easy for me got it in 4 because I did
    Adieu,story,chunk it’s a very good combo I recommend it a lot
    A alternative is chump instead of chunk but I’m more used to chunk

  4. I suggest starting with SPACE. I always use it as my starting word and it brings me good luck

  5. You should use wings since pterodactyls have wings!

  6. i suggest blore for the 3rd guess because it has 5 brand new letters

  7. Only greens! And I’m sorry I can’t make the stream.

  8. “ROUGE” is really good, should knock out everything you’ll need to at least get a few letters knocked out

  9. Rogue is good, It gets 4 different letters (repeats g), 3 vowels, and r, which is a good letter to eliminate

  10. Try LEAFY, I’ve been asking for almost a month

  11. Great job!! That was a great suggestion!

  12. just curious, how are you sure that the people aren’t suggesting things after already seeing the word?

  13. I think ROUGE would be a good word to use tomorrow!

  14. You should try stain its always my starting word and it awalys get me the answer

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