Ingraham Angle Cold Open - SNL -

Ingraham Angle Cold Open – SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham (Kate McKinnon) speaks with Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), Novak Djokovic (Pete Davidson), Candace Owens (Ego Nwodim) and Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) to discuss what’s wrong with Biden’s America.

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  1. I LOVE THE NEW TRUMP! No disrespect to Alec Baldwin. Always an Alec fan! But he sounds just like Trump!

  2. He sounds soooo much like Donald Trump it's chilling…he should try to call a conservative radio station like glen beck or something and start talking about how much he respects and envy's Barack Obama….

  3. Saturday night live as never been this funny.

  4. The evil "pig" is the forbidden "Pork."

    Maybe you should spell it..

    Where is the Image you force the People to Worship,

    Is that a Golden Bull, or a Golden Con man?..

    The Golden Cow is Hell's Heaven

    Create a Crisis and you won't misplace your camper.

  5. gee, all this time, I thought the neme of her show was, The Ingrahm Dangle! huh, larn sumtin knew every weekend

  6. It's SNL,they've sucked for years now. I love comedy when it's funny,this shit is drier than 9 desserts. Doesnt even sound like I Graham,weak. All it is is liberal ANGER! That's the facts. That's why they're not funny. By the way,where's Alec?!

  7. Trump’s costume design is actually brilliant: they make the cuffs of the suit larger to make his hands appear smaller

  8. I'm taking Ted's advice and booking by February Cancun trip now!

  9. Who is this woman? She sounds nothing like Laura. These people are not educated on what is happening in our country. Miss real comedians. Your jobs are on the line.

  10. And the real trump is saying "I don't look at all like that ! DAMB THEM for not even TRYING !!!!

  11. Kate is kates biggest fan. Cant stand her

  12. This guy is really good at being Trump, keep it up!

  13. This show sucks—-laugh tracks—-I see better impersonations at the bar——-SNL is pro European Central Bank debtors system system fakeass weakass comedy—-they know writes there checks

  14. Now they should do one about some of the clowns on CNN. To prove the show isn't completely one sided and biased. Oh wait it is completely one sided and biased? Well…..nevermind then

  15. They’re coming up with any excuse to give JAJ more Trump impression airtime and I’m so happy about it

  16. if black people are openly conservative they open themselves to harassment. Are they masochistic?…

  17. I'll bot for Trump when he issues a public apology to Rosie O'Donnell.

  18. If someone’s making fun of you on SNL then your a pretty big deal. This only made Laura more popular. Everyone saying it made her mad are idiots. She loved it. If anything it made SNL look stupid.

  19. Number of times SNL lampoons a Democratic politician: zero.

  20. I remember when SNL poked fun at both sides .. Now its all political on one side only .. And the useful idiots as the Communist called them love it .

  21. Ego got Candace Owen's vocal demeanor very well. Would love to see more.

  22. No wonder Saturday night lives ratings are so low destroying the United States is nothing to joke about.

  23. I don't know who this guy is that does trump, but he is outstanding!

  24. Great news, God will wipe away every tear from their eyes and death shall be no more, there will no longer be any mourning, crying, or pain Revelation 21:4 Please think about it. Believe in God's son Jesus today, repent of your sin, dont be left behind. Love Y'all

  25. Not a Lauren Ingram fan, at all, but Joy Reid and Don Lemon are far more ridiculous and mockable. But obviously SNL would never…

  26. Wow! James Austin Johnson has fat don down pat! He really nails the impression. Next loved Kate McKinnon – as I stare at the camera like I am looking at fat juicy steak!

  27. Weird how they TRY and make fun of super educated women like Jeanine Pirro and Laura Ingram. It's not believable.

  28. Oh these comments are so computer generated🤣🤣🤣

  29. Is anyone else bothered that they lit up both M's in MAMOA even though there was only one M in TRUMP?

    However, I will agree that was a great Trump impression. I voted for him 2020 and was sad that he lost.

  30. Beat Trump impersonation ever keep this guy Jesus close your eyes you literally think it’s Trump himself

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