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Sam Tabor
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I became an absolute Wordle champion. I’m on a winning streak and I don’t plan on losing any time soon. Let me know if you want to see more episodes of this! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload.

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  1. I love your vids btw and u are amazing

  2. Cool to see you playing Wordle now Sam! I play every night. Would love to see more episodes of Wordle!

  3. Keep going on wordle because I like ur commentary and how funny u make these videos.

  4. Oh also these wordle videos help me improve my vocabulary because me and my mom play scrabble….. A LOTTTTTT and I will be able to drop some points

  5. I literally got into wordle, because of Sam 😂

  6. If this was a try not to laugh I definitely failed

  7. Like if you think Sam Tabor is the best

  8. next time do close first I do that all the time merry christmas

  9. I love your videos dude your my favorite YouTuber and I laugh every time you post a video because there hilarious!😂

  10. I love your videos and my birthday is on 27th December

  11. Awesome video!!! Also you should at least look at “Clone Drone in the Danger Zone” game it could be a good game for your channel

  12. I think starting at 8:08 is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on your channels. I've watched it over and over so many times now. I feel like I'm going to die of laughter and I don't know why it gets me so good. "Oh, gee, phanx." will forever be part of my vocabulary from now on.

  13. One day, in 2024, if you get the first word correctly, first try, all green letters, then I would believe that you are the worlds best wordle master.

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