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I’m a genius! #Wordle #Shorts

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(Spoilers 286) For fun, I start with the previous two day’s words!

Play Wordle here:

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  1. Try adult chimp and snore. Best combo ever lol

  2. If you hadn’t said April Fools I probably wouldn’t have noticed that it was a prank

  3. This a great combination of a nice guy and relaxing content. Good stuff bub.

  4. Just started watching and I love your content and the “hello!” Keep it going! And I dropped a sub

  5. Could you live-stream these types of games. Love your content

  6. This is amazing and sweet content , makes my day😃

  7. I did salet, then urine, and then I figured it was snout

  8. I use nasty and oiler, and if I need more words I use jumpy

  9. I actually have a first guess solve under my belt. I guessed nymph as a joke. I even have the screen shot of a text with a friend the previous day to prove I didn't cheat

  10. I don’t know why you test it you might aswell just guess the work you’re thinking

  11. Keep doing your thing man, I'm proud of you big homie, stay smiling 🙂

  12. Why didn't you just go with snott, you would of had a chance of getting it in 5 and would get the same information

  13. Before starting you should try the words ' ratio ' because it already has 3 vowels then lucky because another vowel and letters and last word mends they are all good words 🙂

  14. You should’ve tried either snout or snott because if you get it right you could get it in 5 and if you don’t you’d still get it in 6

  15. You make the most relaxing wordle videos ever and I'm greatful you got reccomended to me

  16. I did enjoy and I did subscribe
    very relaxing video love it

  17. I use adieu then sport to cover all the nouns

  18. I start with adieu the front and if there is a r in the second place then brass. Love your content

  19. I was able to do it with ratio,lowly,short and spout,

  20. I do
    Then I just find it out

  21. At the begging i was like
    I think he is God

  22. I’ve been watching from when you were getting 30 likes really enjoy your conyent

  23. And as usual I start with todays word made me burst out laughing I love your humour

  24. i love channels like this. chill, just wholesome videos of you trying to solve wordle. that’s why I also like Scott stro

  25. Yeahhh it was definitely not gonna be snott…cuz that’s not a word…….

  26. The April fools was the best April fools prank

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