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I Tried EVERY Daily Wordle Game

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  1. Jack play the game global you have to try and guess the country and changes daily

  2. You always are supposed to do audio first

  3. What about squirdle? Or gamedle? Or searchle?

  4. You should play Bandle (not sure if it could get demonitized tho)

  5. Great video, would love to see more like this!

  6. not me thinking 43-32=11 second try and it being wrong by only a couple numbers

  7. Jack not getting “celery” in spelling bee made me annoyed

  8. Nerdle is the only one I do everyday

  9. Jack try the mini crossword on the new York times site and also do the heardle

  10. I have played wordle, Globle, and Worldle every day for about 2 years now, and the FOR THE FIRST TIME i got ALL 3 CORRECT FIRST TRY BACK TO BACK TO BACK. and I think the prize was this video. so, thanks?

  11. Can you do this in the future with more wordle type games like Bandle and Murdle?

  12. You should do French and Portuguese Wordles if you ever do this again.

  13. its surprising to know jack is this bad at math

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