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I played Wordle for a WEEK..

Whos Suda
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You guys really like my daily wordle huh? heres some more wordle for you.
@Exzd and I played for a week straight to see if we’d do better with our brains combined.

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I Played Wordle for a MONTH..


  1. i start off every round with pines frost black

  2. We should be proud he got on his second guess two times

  3. Yay I was the 225 like .suda deserves many many many more.

  4. let’s fucking GO! Just rolled a fatty, check my YouTube, and what do you know. A fucking suda vid

  5. You should play this with your friends it would be hella funny

  6. Note to self: Begin playing Wordle pissed out of my mind.

  7. I did the wordle for today, I got it in 4 minutes🌝

  8. I sad you guys said bad words now I can’t watch


  10. These videos are so fake I bet he searched the wordless on his other computer

  11. Here is a good strategy. Think about blend and how they always end in l or r unless it starts with s and also things like sh th ch

  12. yoo i got the wordle in two tries today!!

    -April 8th btw

  13. me waiting patiently for him to guess the dang word he has been thinking bout for the past 3 minutes

  14. Bro you should do lewdle if u can for monetization reasons

  15. I remember doing Nymph u got it wayyy faster than me

  16. My sis got nymph in 3 tries! Plus nymphs are a Percy Jackson/Greek god monster

  17. i love worldle but thats how i act i get so annoyed 😆

  18. Nah man the thumbnail is sussy PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM

  19. I got one first try a few months ago. I didn’t cheat i just had a lucky guess! Moist was the word that day

  20. The day it was nymph, I literally got it on my first try. My friend was looking over my shoulder and she literally freaked out. A guy told me literally seconds before that the word that day was insanely hard. Still one of my greatest accomplishments

  21. bangers banger banger banger banger banger banger banger banger banger banger banger

  22. bro you'd do better if you didn't overthink everything

  23. If you so good at wordle, play quordle, or nerdle

  24. I’m surprised no one’s pointing out the fact that it says wordle for a week straight and he only does it for 5 days

  25. my brother once got sound right on his first try and he freaked out

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