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I Played Every Wordle Game…

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  1. There's a football related wordle that i think you'll enjoy, why dont you check it out next stream? 👀

  2. Simon you should play who are ya it's a football player wordle type game

  3. 11:45 “I know that’s not the whole of Canada” who’s gonna tell him that is the whole of Canada 😂

  4. You need to try Heardle!! It’s a song version!

  5. As a Canadian, watching you do Worldle was so painful lol

  6. Just tried nerdle, almost had a mental breakdown

  7. I may be wrong but didn't Sambucha make this video before….. no hate i also just started the video

  8. no stewardle = washed list. the f1 boys are crying rn

  9. The tangent he went on explaining that he KNOWS that’s not what Canada looks like and he doesn’t want everyone to think he’s dumb for thinking it is the whole of Canada while a very detailed and accurate map of the entirety of Canada is displayed next to him was pretty funny

  10. simon not knowing the outline of canada is very fucking concerning

  11. My favorite type of wordle is WAFFLE you should try it sometime

  12. I shit myself when on the second word of the wordle when he started it with nig💀

  13. Simon you might have exposed yourself with this one…

  14. I wanted him to do this.. and finally

  15. 5:58 try 16 words of that.. secdordle or smth.. or the one where u guess and only move to other guess after the fst correct

  16. the maths one is the easiest one actually


  18. How did he not get the flag one? Is he dumb

  19. Please react to beta squad last to leave prison please

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