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I Played 100 Hours of Wordle… Here’s What Happened

Why Suda
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Today I wanted to show you guys what 100 hours of wordle looks like. I have over 450 games played on this channel alone. I think we need a Wordle Pro Scene.

Comment 3-6 letter words for the next video! I will use them from the comment section.

(The Game I play)

I’m going to be uploading to this channel EVERY Wednesday! Subscribe for more!

Wordle, Guess the Song, Geoguessr, and other browser videos that I post on Whos Suda. Let me know if there’s a game you think I should play similar to this one!

Wordle is Brutal.. and so is waiting every day to play another game. This website allows me to play 3 to 8 letter words so it works out! How did I do? I played wordle every day for nearly a year at this point, but any word over 6 letters hurts my brain. Wordle is a Broken Game. The BEST Wordle Ever


  1. Video idea: do Wordle but in alphabetical order. Example for three letter: Axe. Four letter: boat 5 letter: could

  2. your channel is like dragoon but instead of cookie clicker its wordle. i am obsessed

  3. 3. Pet, say, mug
    4. Tear, gold, oath
    5, chant, irate, stalk
    6, fallen, forest, meadow
    please choose my words ❤

  4. 3~ Out, Kid, Oil
    4~ Font, Goat, Soil
    5~ Place, Audio, Flesh
    6~ Chance, Guides, Rhythm

  5. You should do a video where you try to find the wordle word in infinite craft

  6. From the 3 to 6 letter words, I had the exact same answers as you for them, I don't know what happened, I played just now

  7. 3:hat tap cut bed 4: dead life from each 5:force build Kelly cruel 6:kiddle family sister curled. Pls pick me in your next vid

  8. Here are some words you might want to try!

    – Tie
    – Coat
    – Grain
    – Flight

  9. 3. CUT, GNU
    4. ALOT, TUCK
    5. FLANK, SPANK,

  10. 3-Car
    Suda, Milk or Cereal first?

  11. Arguably the best setting:
    5. hyper, audio

  12. When it could be more words than guesses left, sometimes I like to use none of the green letters to narrow down the options of letter remaining.

  13. Try these words
    Air ear oar
    Aero east hear
    Louie mythy prawn
    Praise raised Please
    County choice tailor
    Educate urinate eastern
    Educator instructs official

  14. 3 letter: Pub, Tan, Cop, Red
    4 letter: Grow, Sand, Like, Blue
    5 letter: Mount, Heard, First, Syrup
    6 letter: Friend, Ground, Agreed, Wrench

  15. 3: run,gap,dot

  16. Can i get the Word dog swag Month mouth Woods

  17. just looked at sudas subs and i rlly thought he had atleast a million

  18. Just realised that I wasn't subscribed so i just did love your videos its my first time entering one of the videos 💗 heres some words
    8: Applause

  19. Try this weird prompt
    (Those are my 3-6 letter words)

  20. 3. The
    4. They
    5. There
    6. Bleach
    7. Traders
    8. Pinecone

  21. Bro would be the world’s best English teacher😂😂😂

  22. Wordle words
    3 letters: sat, sun, son, sip, sea
    4 letters: seer, sewn, slow, sick, same
    5 letters: scorn, scrap, scent, spout, shear
    6 letters: satire, sacred, saddle, safest, saying

  23. Hey Man, your vids are so great and entertaining, keep up the good work. Here are some words I think are good
    3. Bye, Tip
    4: Frog, Luck
    5: Quick, Frisk
    6: Lavish, Travel

  24. hey suda here's some words

    3: rob
    4: riot
    5: ocean
    6: flames

  25. Words!
    3) Ore, Tap, Due
    4) Pout, Want, Hunt
    5) Audio, Altar, Print
    6) Corner, Violin, Basket

  26. Bow,
    Niger, (it's personal)

  27. 20th comment. Pat, path, plank, planet! All p bc no reason

  28. 3: emo
    4: fang
    5: cloth
    6: really
    Love ur vids (i found ur channel 2 weeks ago and i love the vids as if i was a day oner)

  29. Here are a few words:
    But, sun, what, must, gates, build, fridge, washed.

  30. 3: rad, nap
    4: palm, rock
    5: bread, pulse
    6: divine, lethal

  31. Try: Sea, Rest, Stare, Inside, Respect and Serenity (Gave 3-8 letters)

  32. 3 = The Ten Tea Let Ate Pat Mat Man Pea Pot Dot Spa Ace Bot Top Cop Mop Hop
    4 = Main Shop Crop Stop Pale Sale Pole Mole Hole Bait
    5 = Crane Karen Teach Broke Break Brick
    6 = Drinks Cranes Holder Colder
    7 = Bitters Spitter Targets
    8 = Patterns

  33. It’s so crazy having a video of yours pop up. I haven’t watched you in 6+ years since your bo3 days on ImSuda.

  34. Wow i didn't know you had so many other channels (~‾▿‾)~
    Just subscribed to this one!
    Here are some words:
    3: cup
    4: sour
    5: clash
    6: tingle
    7: monster
    8: sunlight

  35. 3 words: fog, cop, bow
    4 words: sore, leaf, taxi
    5 words: video, chase, flair
    6 words: driven, budget, editor
    7 words: thunder, dynamic, nervous

  36. My top 5 for 5 letter words:

  37. 3: Buy
    4: Play
    5: Table
    7: Sleeper
    8: Octagons

  38. ash, pin
    corn, boat
    grant, scary, blend
    tender, linger
    torture, restore, pumpkin, octopus, problem, protein

  39. and yes i just knew yesterday that you have other channels and they’re HUGE like omg why haven’t i seen you before

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