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  1. Use TUBES, FLING, CHAMP, and WORDY. There, you almost have the word solved.

  2. 225 for 8 isn’t just good that’s flat out impressive.


    Grab some sun screen next time you're out on 30A my guy

  4. So I look up the word Streak and uh idk Tim about you still being on a streak. Streak is "a continuous period of specified success or luck" I thing the key word is "Continuous" and since you didn't do that sorry bud streak over. You can say you're on a new Streak. lol Always love the content.

  5. So your saying you can't bench your own weight. Impressive.

  6. 1:10 you can’t tell me that we aren’t living in a simulation after I guessed his word right before he said it.

  7. I bet Tim don't touch his chest on his bench press, I'd bet my house on it. That body doesn't do 8 good reps at 100 kg

  8. If you say "225 is light" you DO NOT know how heavy 300 is!

  9. Should have done Thick to start fof so he doesn't waste the guess on two Ts

  10. One of my old football coaches was a ex NFL OL player who did 225 for 52 reps in a charity,
    His name was Tim Simpson

  11. me and my gf do world every night and our starting word is "penis" and we're undefeated

  12. All jokes aside 225 for 8 is actually pretty damn impressive

  13. On a side note Tim’s theoretically 1 rep max for bench having doing 225 for let’s say 10 reps would be round 300 something for him
    Which mine was 355 when I was in college playing football so not to bad

  14. I lost my streak with Sweet. I wanted to cry because I was so close lol

  15. People just mad they can't solve wordle. Let the haters hate

  16. Pause

    First 3 words… you’ll win every time

  17. I dunno if you read these Tim, but in case you do STOP USING ADIEU!!! Audio is much more value in comparison. The letters A and E are the two most common vowels in the English language, and having them both in the same starting word is TERRIBLE VALUE. Using only one eliminates the harder to know vowels by comparison. Since there are so many other words containing the A and E you can almost assume that one or the other is going to be it, and if it isn't, it's soooo much more value to see if the other vowels are in it instead of wasting that slot on E

    To put it in perspective there are:

    2,898 that have at least one A
    2,652 that have at least one E
    1,890 that have at least one I
    1,878 that have at least one O
    1,275 that have at least one U

    Work smarter not harder

  18. Yo, good job on the 225. That’s pretty good especially for not trying it for a while and not having a spotter. But I still don’t think you can win without adieu. All luck Timmy

  19. 225 for 8 is no small feet! Keep working it up and let's get you to bench body weight Tim! Not trying to be mean at all, that would just be cool. Sounds terrible now that I read it… Oh well. Keep up the progress in the gym👍

  20. Tim: a five letter word to describe me
    Me: if he says smart, I'm gonna unsub

  21. Get wipz as a spotter. Don't risk an accident bro

  22. What if your tit flashing video is a 1 out of 10? Is there an only fans in your future?

  23. I use crane for my first word
    Let’s go TIM!!!!
    Todays word I had 4 letters after two guesses but still took my last try…
    TIM LUCK!!

  24. Tim: "suck my head"

    it was at this moment he knew, he f- – ked up

  25. Start with Adieu, then do Worst. Rats out most popular letters

  26. He definitely cheated on this one and then guessed sleet to make it look less obvious he knew it was sweet. I know how his brain works nice try timmy

  27. if they think you cant do it with that one word use audio insted

  28. I lost my first wordle today not going to say what it was but i had 4 green words but did not have my first letter and i had 3 words that i could choose and i guessed the wrong word so rip my 19 game win streak

  29. If using a word to start with is "cheating" then not guessing the word with no hints is cheating. Let's not be ridiculous.

  30. Did we not have ads on this video because of the nudity?!?🤣

  31. Do people actually lose at wordle? I understand not getting it quickly that’s hard but do people actually find it hard to win period?

  32. Tim I hope you know bench press doesn’t work your biceps much. It’s mostly a chest exercise

  33. start with Audio and Chest. I win everyday

  34. I dont believe that tim cheated but chat it Hella cringe

  35. all those peop0le saying saying 225 is lightweight and that its not much to lift probably cant even lift 100 -_-

  36. Hopefully it hat isn't feeling any pain, it looks like it's struggling!!

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