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I Didn’t Get It?!?!? NBA Wordle 3/8/22

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  1. I got it on the last try. Guessed Cam Thomas, Kyrie, Patty Mills, until finally getting David Duke.

  2. Got it in 5, Embiid, Reddish, GTJ, Pritchard, Duke

  3. I got it in 5. I went Elfrid Payton-Tyler Herro- Quickley- Isaiah Joe- David Duke

  4. I guessed all the way up to cam Thomas and couldn’t figure it out after that

  5. You should have eliminated the celtics after you got the jersey number of 6 because Bill Russell wore 6

  6. I only got it because I was rebuilding the nets the other day

  7. I got it in 5 I guessed Davin Reed then James Harden then Cam Thomas then Kessler Edwards the David Duke

  8. I got it in 7 I was the nets in 2k and I gave him minutes so he was fresh in my mind

  9. I was watching nets highlights right before I did the poeltl and said lebron first so I knew he worse number 6 got it in 2

  10. I love that I'm a die hard Providence fan and got this easy in 3 guesses lmao

  11. Anyone who uses silhouette or looks up rosters are whole L’s😤

  12. I got it in 3 with Tyler Herro, Cam Thomas and then David Duke Jr. Only reason I got it so easily was because I watched him at providence

  13. I got the team on 3, but I still didn’t get it without looking it up. Forgot about Duke

  14. Only got it because of daily fantasy back when everyone had COVID and he was a budget beast in my lineups😂

  15. Also welcome to Colorado hope u enjoy the horrible weather

  16. I got it in 4. I’m also a Nets fan and guessed Cam Thomas guess 3. I can’t blame u for not getting it, that was a tough one. What I don’t understand though is how u recalled Kessler Edwards instantly but couldn’t remember Duke😭😭

  17. I didn't get it 1. Grayson Allen got position, height and conference, 2. Trae Young 3. Maxey finally got the division 4. Pritchard 5. Vanvleet, 6. Trey Burke (thought he was on the Knicks) 7. Quickley and 8. Kessler Edwards still had no clue who it is so I looked up the roster, would've never guessed him didn't even know he existed

  18. I got it in four only because my first two guesses were Derrick Rose then Ben Simmons. Pure luck

  19. I did not get it even after looking at silolete

  20. I used the silhouette and got it third try

  21. Damn that was a tough one. Sometimes when you get the answer you’re upset at yourself for not thinking of it. This one I knew I never would of got

  22. I got it in two because my first guess was Ben Simmons

  23. I guessed the next one in 2 tries, I just needed a guess of Devin Vassell

  24. I got it in 2 as a nets fan since I started cam thomas

  25. Got it in 3
    Guessed Garland
    Guessed Wiseman
    And then Alpren Sengun

  26. Got it in five guesses. I watch Nets games a good amount and I narrowed down the jersey number from 5-8 which made it easy for me

  27. Didn't get it either first one I missed. I thought of Kessler Edwards and Dayton Sharpe I knew they were fowards but guessed them anyway. Ive seen this dude in the box score a couple times but never saw him play. GG

  28. Got in six because my first guess was Andre Drummond and messed up a couple time but got Duke in the end

  29. I got it in 5 guesses but it was still very hard

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