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  1. Happy for Tim, but guessing every combination of letters does not make you smart… just saying 😉

  2. I don’t know this word and got it in 6 and I was waiting for this wordles vid to come out to see if he got it lol

  3. tunneling that hard on word 5 on having a double E ending? when so many possibilities exist? NO SHOT.

    I've never accused him of cheating before, but that shit is sus lol. pressure to beat wifey got to 'em

  4. And this guy went to college everyone lol

  5. This wasn’t even a hard one, what was everyone talking about

  6. If Tim did the vivid one, that wouldve been the one to end his streak

  7. We should tally how many “non-words” he guesses

  8. i remember i got this one in like 3 guesses at school

  9. He goes through every letter combination so it may take him longer to get it but he will eventually get it doing it the way he does 😆 nice one tim I didn't think you would get it to be honest.

  10. It just bugs me that Tim types every letter after “rule” except an r to spell “ruler”

  11. Hold on you literally used elimination so it's not that hype. Also is one of your eyes lazy or doesn't open as much?

  12. Tbf no word guesses should count as a turn.

  13. "I'm so smart!"

    Tries dozens of non words by just changing the last letter with every available letter

  14. Is tim trying to grow his hair secretly? Why is he always wearing a hat?

  15. Shut off the chat and try again. Try Cream, Pouty, Sling for first 3 rounds.

  16. Timthefatman: "I shocked the world with this one, and I think I'm gonna shock you"

    My 🧠: see, even the world doesn't want me

  17. Tim should stop wordle and do the 5th grade math🤣

  18. I’ve been playing two weeks now and Tim has guessed more non-words than I have real words.

  19. Just keep slamming that enter button until it says you won. Lots of analyzing and analytics.

  20. Tbh if you can't get the word you're a slight idiot the way the game is structured you should be able to figure out the word everytime even if you don't know how to spell the word

  21. Love you Tim, but hate how you approach wordle.

  22. I got this one in 3 tries. It sounds cap, but I actually got it without cheating. I didn’t know what rupee is but apparently it’s a currency.

  23. I got this one on the second to last one. It was very difficult

  24. Just like the WWE, his streams are scripted. He’s already planning which word breaks his streak.

  25. He could play in another language that he doesn't know with his style 🙂

  26. Tim putting in random letters is like a child trying to learn how to spell at the age of 4 lmfao

  27. This guy says he smart but it's like ten minute video of him doing made up words until he finds the word

  28. Am I playing a different wordle then you? I never have the same word as you do.

  29. the strategy is to choose three random words with letters that don't match. You burn three turns but get enough info. By that time you should have enough letters or letters ruled out to figure it out. Stop making it so difficult

  30. Getting Rupee doesn't justify Ruqer, Ruhey, Ruleq, Rucec, etc. I have to keep making fun of this terrible strat cause it's cheesy and it's not even as cool as DisguisedToast's, using up as many letters as possible to flush out the answer.

  31. "No one thought I would get it" yeah if you sit there for 20 minutes trying every letter combination, you'll win eventually

  32. This is like playing sudoku and using every number till it turns green. Chester cheat-O over here.

  33. I remember getting so mad cuz I didn't know what the word meant

  34. Tim's funny when he plays with doc but that's it. Other than that it's the same things & I'm surprised his audience can get entertained like that with the same low effort things he does. The whole "Kevin spectates" bs was peak reason I can appreciate Dr disrespect. Older & yet way more effort than these other streamers that do the same exact bs with low effort.

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