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I AM AN ABSOLUTE GOD AT WORDLE | Wordle Speedrun Challenge

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How many Wordle puzzles can I solve in 1 hour?


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  1. Crane isn't the best word. 3blue1brown put out an update video saying his code had a bug. I don't remember what the best words were but not crane

  2. I love it!! I actually started playing today!!

  3. "Easiest" cheat to this game is just find the word dictionary and memorize it.

  4. best word to start is ''adieu'' because there's already 4 vowels

  5. what a good and creative thumbnail. props!

  6. Can you go against Disguised Toast in Wordle? :3

  7. Did the same challenge, solved 60 out of 64 in an hour.
    I always start with trial and cones, followed by dumpy if the two don't give much or I want to be speedy and don't care about the number of guesses. Also English is not my first language, though I am not sure whether this is a hindrance or an advantage.

  8. I like to start with MEDIA, it has 3 vowels. So far i have 100% completion

  9. "crane, tough, blimp" will get the vowels out with no repeated letters, then i usually go "sword" because of common letters. that'll get 90% towards a solution.

  10. Joey talks more about anime on the Joey channel while playing wordle than on TheAnimeMan

  11. The bois played too much quiz that affected Joey's content

  12. Instead of "crane" try "audio" next time: it covers most vowels (that's my choice, anyway).

  13. I was playing randomized wordle the other day and kept getting bullshit non-English words older than time itself; mostly French, the red-headed bastard child of the Latin family, every other Latin-based language have some similarities so there's kind of some understanding between like someone who speaks Spanish and someone who speaks Italian, but French is like "oh a good amount of your sounds for consonants don't exist we decided".

  14. Usually I start with either adieu or audio so you have 4 vowels already

  15. please please please. make more of these videos were you play games like mahjong and stuff, like those funny games. Because I love the edits, I love your humor, love those silly but funny mistakes like on 3:40 and I love seeing you play the game. I really love these videos, keep it up man!!

  16. He forgot his D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. I forgot I have the "D".
    Yeap, not gonna take that out of context alright.

  18. Totally amazing Joey and congratulations being the word king in that word game awesome.

  19. reading the dictionary when he was younger came in handy XD

  20. When you type crane and it turns all grey it gives you a lot of information but that information is not useful for humans. We would do much better if we knew a couple of alphabets of the word and try to guess the remaining.

  21. Time to up the level and switch to qordle.

  22. 星空の下で黒ずんだ救いーBlackened Salvation says:

    "I forgot I had the D"


  23. I always go with audio first haha helps me to know which vowels are in or out.

  24. joeys real names is name joseph and he is ultra big brained , we sure he isnt a jojo

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