HOW'D SHE SOLVE THIS WORDLE? [feat. HannahxGames] -

HOW’D SHE SOLVE THIS WORDLE? [feat. HannahxGames]

Kenny Haller
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HOW’D SHE SOLVE THIS WORDLE? [feat. HannahxGames]

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  1. Hint for you always start with grape Or kayak for your 1st words

  2. for five letter word do audio, this is argueably the best word because it has 4 vowels

  3. Massachusetts maybe she give me buffalo HACHACHACHAC

  4. Fun fact : start with ‘audio’ it gives you a bunch of vowels, and if I play, audio helps me to start.

    Hope this helped!

  5. How did you both get in one that’s so insane and impossible

  6. Do costum Wordle but you only give one letter wordles

  7. Kenny, I love ur vids plz pin this I love wordle! PS I only started playing wordle bc of u

  8. No wait cause I live 20 mins away from, buffalo

  9. Ok I’m sorry but Hannah is actually really annoying no hate Kenny but Hannah …….

  10. the fact that you got buffalo in 1 must be witchcraft

  11. How did she get in one that’s insane

  12. Only true kennyhaller fans are allowed to like this comment

  13. The chokehold this man has on me is crazy. Like he’s smart, funny, and handsome?

  14. Bro kenny really chose frank for the first one.

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