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How to Win at Wordle | Popcorn Culture

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In the 114th episode of the Pop, Ben and J discuss J’s newest Nuzlocke, the Wordle phenomenon and good Wordle strategies, the different light bulbs of your life, ticks and Paris, animals wandering, tackling the biggest problem in front of you, and their plan to steal Lincoln’s body.

Show Notes:
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Wordle –

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Alternate Titles:
The Sanctity of the Game
J’s Secret First Word
The Lightbulb Theory
They’ll Suck the Blood Right Out of You
You Can’t Actually Knock Over a Mountain
Programming Snafu
The Coordinates Lie with Lincoln’s Body

00:00 – Intro, Pokemon Legends Arceus
04:55 – Wordle
32:04 – The Lightbulb Theory
42:59 – The Corny Joke!
49:06 – The Next Right Thing
58:30 – Lincoln’s Body

Edited by: Ethan Edghill

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  1. You guys should have a running scoreboard for One True Host votes on set. It would feel really cool to have my patrieon vote go on the set.

  2. Another great episode but I feel that J's attitude toward bagels was a little undeserved, but the corny joke was elephantastic! I also really enjoyed the side tangent about Ben's sledding incident.

  3. Wordle is kind of like playing a shortened version of hangman in a way, so I usually try to employ the same strategy as J by using common vowels and consonants.

  4. My Uncle lives in Tuscon, Az. He's found scorpions in his shoes and inside his jacket pockets. He says just check them before you put them on daily by giving them an upside down shake and you're fine. 🙂

  5. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that "Wordle" doesn't have a 5 letter name?

  6. I have reverse engineered J's start word based on his daily results. If you dont want to know stop reading here
    I believe it is Raise

  7. I live in Arizona and I’ve only seen a scorpion in my house like 2 or 3 times in the past 20 years.

  8. I love the show notes… worldly was literally the topic for near 30minutes haha amazing

  9. FYI: There's a Taylordle out there with Taylor Swift's words for all you Swifties out there!! I got it today in 3 tries!! I live in the Southwest & yes, they ARE scorpions/rattlesnakes here, BUT you see them mostly in the summertime & they're honestly not a big issue for me. Yes, if scorpions are in our house, we kill them because they are poisonous, but if they're outside we leave them be. Same with rattlers; they don't appear in our house, but if they show up in our yard, we just call animal control to relocate them somewhere further in the desert, but other wise, we just leave them be. With scorpions though, you DO wanna walk around with shoes with a hard sole in the summer months, especially @ night, because if you step on them they WILL string you. (I have a pair of house summer slippers/house sandals for this very reason. 😉 P.S.: Also, actually, actually (😅), even if you guys did do the Corny Joke today, you missed the Fun Fact About Coyotes 🐺 & the Wick Of The Week this week!! 😅

  10. when is the legends arceus nuzlocke coming out?

  11. Nuzlocking arceus! That’s going to be insane

  12. Have you ever heard of Spoon Theory? Basically, a spoon is a unit of energy and doing things (like chores, being social, school, work, etc.) takes away a spoon or two. You can also gain spoons by resting, or doing other things.

  13. The day it was moist my final guess was JOIST 💀💀💀💀💀 I’m 100% sure joist isn’t even a word

  14. I love arceus and have watched all J's nuzlockes, but arceus is not that kind of game. There are very few trainer battles and no gyms. At no point have I said this is my team. I have two I use to battle if needed and the other four are the ones I am working on the dex for.

  15. If you like Wordle, you would like the Game Show “Lingo”

  16. Now I'm on J's twitter reverse engineering his start word

  17. Dang, I got excited and thought the nuzlocke was already up on the gaming channel 😅

  18. I am playing wordle both in english and german each day and let me tell you it is much harder in a language that is not your mothertongue.
    I think as you go through life your goals and interests can change and so can the things that are bothering you. So if you have a long list of problems and you can now name Problem number 142 you are going to fix you might be nitpicking at some point, but if you just continue to fix the problems that arise as you go through life, thats just normal.

  19. Thanks y'all first time playing and i got it in 3 tryies! Cant wait for tomorrow!
    My Wordle Stats:

    1 Games played,

    1 Games won,

    100% of Games won,

    1 Max Streak

  20. Lincolns body will lead to Lincoln’s body of water where we will find Lincoln’s body of work 🤯

  21. I heard once that people with anxiety live in the future, people with depression live in the past, and people who live in the present rarely experience those two extremes.

    I live in the future land of "what if." 🤷 I get looking for the "next right thing." I think it goes with the anxiety mentality.

    All things are about balance. There's always a next thing until you die, the balance would be taking time out to acknowledge, celebrate, or note those victories as they come. Maybe. I have no clue. Good to think about whether that's healthy or not.

  22. Thing is, Wordle isn’t new, there was a game show in the uk on the network ITV called Lingo in the late 80s and it’s exactly the same as Wordle, Lingo is on air here on the UK currently. Wordle is a rip off

  23. 3 Blue 1 Brown recently posted a Wordle deep analysis video.

  24. Never heard of Wordle before – I was so happy to see that there is a German version of it! Genius concept, I'm officially hooked now 😅

  25. I just got todays wordle in 2 tries, and as a non-native speaker, i feel very proud of myself right now

  26. I grew up in Vegas. Definitely no scorpions in our shoes, but we could fry an egg on the asphalt in the summer!

  27. Living in Arizona my whole life- I didn’t see a scorpion in the ‘wild’ until I was 24. I was 31 before I had any in my house. The scorpions are not going to be out in the middle of the day usually so on a Biking trip you’re probably not going to see one during the middle of the day

  28. Agreement: hate ticks.
    But love The Tick.

  29. An an English person, "humor" was super annoying and my worst performance (though I think I got it at 5(?)) because that isn't a word in British English (or if it is, not a well known one).

  30. I personally always do a new word every day that uses as many vowels as I can think of with morning brain lol It's so unlikely but I always have to have the chance of getting it correct on the first try

  31. “The Search for Lincoln’s Treasure” just HAS to a fully fleshed out sketch video that you guys make! 😂

  32. I love hearing about yalls band experiences, even if its only in passing. After being a drum major and my girlfriend being one of the best percussionist in Virginia, I find it fascinating to hear how other people's experiences went

  33. There’s actually a Wordle archive. Some guy runs a web site and has all the past games loaded in there. And I start with SNORT and then ADIEU. Most common consonants and all the vowels in those two words. Also, I live in Arizona. I haven’t had too many run-ins with scorpions, fortunately. I feel extremely lucky.

  34. The best Pokemon game is Yellow Version! The best Zelda game is Ocarina of Time! The best general videogame is Skyrim!

    Scrabble is a great game and the best spelling game!!!

  35. Okay I don’t know if it changes later in the episode but I dropped everything and figured out J’s starting word and I’m pretty proud of figuring it out

  36. As for not sharing you're starting word, the only issue is that if someone really wants to, they can decode you're starting word by looking at your scores you share!

  37. I first learned the pneumonic devices for musical scales in Elementary School, and the one we learn for EGBDF was "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge." Comparing that to your "Every Good Boy Deserves Fine," I'm wondering which one I'd prefer to have learned. Mine sounds strange and fun, but yours makes more sense.

  38. Hey brother! I am a HUGE fan of the pop and everything you guys do. To answer Ben’s question, I live in California and have never seen a scorpion here!🦂🦂😃😃

  39. I've lived in Arizona most of my life thus far; and to me scorpions are not a big deal. They only ever really come out at night, so it's a rarity to see them out during the day. Sometimes at night I'll go out with a black light and kill any scorpions I can find to keep numbers low, but otherwise it's not a problem. I would recommend keeping your shoes inside as a precaution though.

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