HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play and Strategies to Win! -

HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play and Strategies to Win!

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Today we are of course covering HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! I have been sooo obsessed with this game lately. It truly has brought me so much joy and I hope it can bring you some joy as well. If you don’t know what Wordle is, it’s a word game going viral and taking over my social media and daily newsletters (seriously). I had to play and it’s worth the hype if you’re into word games. I want to show you how to play and strategies to win in this video. It’s pretty easy to figure out once you play once, but I hope you learn something new from this video, or just enjoy the content. If you’re reading this far, I hope you’re a subscriber of mine and I appreciate your support as I took some time off. I’m back!

HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play and Strategies to Win!
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  1. I have started playing this Wonderful and addictive game 5 days ago….on the 1st day I failed…on 2nd day I was able to guess in my 4th try but for the last 3 days,it is taking me to try out 5 times to guess the correct word😒….. thank you for the video, I'd love to hear you again❤

  2. omg thank you for helping us out, i was trying to figure out the hype about it and it does seem like its really addicting!! 🖤

  3. Tried it, and now I am playing another version where I can choose word length, and also adjust difficulty.. and not be limited to one word per day. That is the BEST strategy for the original game, as tou quickly quantify your guessing skills. If you play one word per day only, it will take you an eternity to become good at this game as you won't expand your vocabulary especially fast. Decreasing the amount of letters, is by far the hardest so far.

  4. Great video!
    Look forward to trying this new game and keeping my brain young😊

  5. It is my first time to play, and here for the instructions THANK YOU!! for the tips and concised explanations :>

  6. im from england and have no clue what shand means lol and you sound like demi lovato

  7. Wow, just played for the first time and your suggestions were so helpful! Thanks so much!!!

  8. Wow, thanks! I guess I was just out of the loop and found your video. You explained it very well, and easy.
    But I am more glad that I got to discovered your channel 🙂 ❤️

  9. As someone from the UK I can tell you nobody has ever heard of Shand 😂

  10. I'm in the UK and I've never heard of the word 'shand'. How come you guessed it if you didn't know it?

  11. Thanks! Very helpful. Gonna go play now 👍🏼

  12. Excellent, we have a family Whatsapp group to share each day! I'm in UK, not really heard of shand before.

  13. Great explanation. I am going to share it with someone who wants to play. The only addition I would suggest is that double (and triple!!) letters can really be tough!

  14. Yes, shand means to boink cute girls like you

  15. I love the game but can't get my results to "share" to Facebook…

  16. I spent 12 years living in the United Kingdom and have never heard the word shand 😂 A shandy is a drink, but not familiar with what shand is.

  17. First time playing. Got it on the 4th try. I hope it does becomes an app. Thanks for the tips.

  18. wow this is awesome – saw it on CBS Morning – looks great

  19. Thank you for such a simple & easy explanation! Good job !! This was my first time and had fun.

  20. No, SHAND is not a common word in the UK – although SHANDY is a well-known drink

  21. I'm from the UK. Never heard of Shand in my entire life. I can only assume its an uncommon noun.

  22. Lmfao. If someone tries this game and doesn't fully understand it in about 30 seconds I'd be very worried about them.

  23. I’m in and from the UK. Shand is no word I’ve ever heard of! But it means a counterfeit coin apparently. Thanks for the vid. I didn’t know what Wordle was either! Til now.

  24. What a great game, will take its place amongst Scrabble and cryptic crosswords. Thank you for telling us.

  25. Like From Portugal!! Thx for the help 🙂

  26. Omg I tried Wordle out today for the first time and typed in “about” for the first word like you did and then guessed another word right after and it was the correct one 😂 beginners luck is wonderful

  27. First time played today, got it on my third try 😀

  28. Super awesome.. You made it look so easy for a newbie like me. Love from India. 😊🙏

  29. Good advice, but I can use less hand gesture (which makes my head spin watching the vid). Thanks anyhow.

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