How To Play Wordle: The New Game That’s Taking The Internet By Storm -

How To Play Wordle: The New Game That’s Taking The Internet By Storm

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Wordle is an addictive word game that has become a daily addition in many people’s lives. Players have six tries to guess a five-letter mystery word, and each time they guess a word, the game will tell you which, if any, of the letters are correct. NBC’s Gabi Schwartz reports for TODAY.

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  1. Can we all take a minute and Not respect this Stupid App "Wordle".

    It's a bloody rip off, from a T.V show called "Lingo"

  2. It would be nice if the website had these instructions.

  3. It’s such a good game!! Very addictive

  4. I'm surprised such a simple word game went so viral in this day and age when it feels like everything has been done already.

  5. My tip is to start with the word "AUDIO", wich contains almost all the wovels. It gives you a good idea of what and where the wovels are in the word.

  6. Why do news ppl make it a point to always praise something as being "clean fun", as though the majority of fun is dirty fun 😑

    No, most all fun is clean fun, only a little fun is dirty fun and most of that dirty fun is sociopathic fun— which doesn't really count bc it's not what the vast majority of ppl are able to experience as fun.

    So, if you're not Patrick Bateman, most all fun is clean fun.

  7. also a lot like Mastermind…
    you get info on totally wrong,
    right guess + wrong location,
    and totally right…
    but this has 26 letters instead of
    6 colors… but helps you knowing which guess gets which info reply


  9. I started with ROATE and got the wordle in 3 tries on my first time! Can't wait for tomorrow.

  10. No matter what word I start with, the squares have no colours. All just the same. What's going on?

  11. Saw the Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon trying the game so I thought I would too, I got the word in 3 tries, the WORDLE word was SOLAR lol

  12. This is Mastermind with letters. Mastermind is a great game

  13. How do you get it? Don’t see it on app

  14. What a totally unskilled game for derps! They just use the most common letters then look up the answers!

  15. So this is what normies do with their day

  16. I love Lingo, so I might like this game. But they mentioned that Lingo was British…

    When it’s also American, French, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Jordan, Portuguese, Slovenian, Indonesian, Israeli, and Canadian.

  17. I just tried today and had no clue what I was doing. Why do the squares change color?

  18. Got lucky and got the word on the second attempt, now I have to wait till tomorrow for the next word … don't think i'll bother

  19. FUN GAME! Tried it today for first time….I got the word on my last try….hoping to improve tomorrow! Thank you! Glad I watched this "tutorial" before I tried it too!

  20. This just like the computer hacking system in Fallout 3&4. I love it, guess I gotta get on this game. Lol

  21. … so it’s just mastermind with letters instead of colours?

  22. This is awesome. I can’t wait to play.

  23. The producers at the Price is Right, should introduce Wordle into their game show and have the contestants win prizes for solving the puzzle.

  24. You try to give the video more brightness it will be great if you do

  25. So the word of the day must be the same for everyone; my wife and I got the same word today.

  26. literally just "lingo" (the game show) in app form

  27. The website has NO INSTRUCTIONS — it's confusing to people who've never played this game.

  28. It's a still running TV show that's identical in rules and premise, how is this legal?

  29. It's the currently running TV show lingo. Surely someone is going to get sued?

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