How to avoid the hard mode WORDLE TRAP -

How to avoid the hard mode WORDLE TRAP

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #300 for Friday, April 15th.

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  1. I got it on the second guess after starting with "stomp" the green m really helped me out

  2. I said shape on my third guess I got shame on the last guess

  3. i got s,h,a, and e on my second guess and ending up getting all 4 left wrong and lost

  4. Day 1 of asking you to start with POINT and GUARD

  5. I started with flame then shunt and then shame

  6. my starting word is always shake so I got kinda screwed and shame was my 6th guess luckily but I still hated it

  7. The Fact that you are consistently getting thousands of subs while I just got my first 100 shows the dedication, well done

  8. Bro i don’t get it how is this mans channel not as popular as i thought it to be

  9. Don’t try try XYLYL & QUEUE & PZAZZ. If you have or will do this for wordle, Good Luck.

  10. day 1 of asking for you to start with "minds" "toper" and "laugh"

  11. I got it on my last guess because as usual I start with the words BRICK, JUMPY, GLENT, VOZHD, and WAQFS which give me all letters
    but X.

  12. Use the word “cheek” in your next video

  13. That’s what happened to me, I lost even though I had every letter correct but the 4th on my second guess

  14. Same happened to me, to be specific:
    2 tries, then

  15. Day 19 of asking Scott to start with “DRIVE” and “POWER”

  16. Yesterday I got that on my 3rd try because shunt and flame are my first to words I use

  17. I play oh hard mode as well, and I got "trapped" in this with the shaxe pattern, ended up not getting it 🙁
    Great idea though, probably gonna help me in the future

  18. My aunt got it on one. She says she uses it everyday, but we have no evidence

  19. “Not many words start with sp”
    Me, triggered:

    Space, spank, space, spare, spell, spark, spins, spans, spams, spars, spasm

  20. Almost “angry commented” that share. Was another possibility but I realised way later than I probably should’ve that it was ruled out by the grey “r”.

  21. My friend always starts with TEDDY and then BEARS

  22. I got wordle first try that day because I start with shame every day

  23. i got 4 letters on my first go but i got it in 5

  24. Day 2 of asking you to start with YUCCA AND NYMPH

  25. Makes sense for Good Friday, since Jesus felt SHAME on that CROSS

  26. good thing i always start with "omega". got it with four guesses

  27. You don't have to use the green letters. In cases like these it's even smarter to not use the green letters so you can check more letters at the same time. So for example guess "vaped" as third guess in this specific case, to try more letters at once. Saves you one guess overall

  28. The trick is to enter a word that includes as many new lettered as possible

  29. I was yelling shame the whole time lmao 😂😂

  30. Im watching this the day stale was the answer- wow

  31. ꧁0ዥㄨችዕንㄨ꧂ or roTapolus says:

    What a shame you did not think of shame lol

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