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How To Always Win Wordle

Andrew Taylor
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I wrote some code to see if there’s a strategy to guarantee you’ll always win Wordle. There is… but it’s not what you’d call memorable. Maybe print it into a book, idk.

And then there’s Hard Mode…

Answers for easy mode:
Answers for hard mode:


  1. 4:52 what if you guessed “doggy” wouldn’t that be better in general?

  2. Bro if you arent in hard mode you just go shunt podgy brick and flame

  3. I already knew from another video that easy was possible to always do in 5, but I had no idea if it was possible for hard mode. So cool to see someone put in the the effort to figure it out—and that it's actually theoretically possible to always solve! How long did it take you to program this?

  4. I tend to feel that any algorithm which makes use of the solution list is a bit questionable. The “all possible” list is a different matter. One is like giving a chess program the rules of chess, the other is like telling a chess program that Bobby Fischer prefers e4 openings.

  5. This video made me realize I've been enforcing the hard mode rule on myself this whole time without being able to get that asterisk* prize to show off 😭

  6. Centu isn't allowed in my version of the game lol

  7. great channel but please get a better mic

  8. MANIC POLED HURTS – These 3 words contain the top 15 most frequently used letters in the English language.

  9. What’s the fun of playing a game if you can use a program to solve it.

  10. Interesting video! How exactly do you determine the word with the "least bad badness score" (e.g. the best guess)?

  11. A friend of mine and I decided on a simple strategy. We start every game with the same three words to knock out all the vowels and some of the most used consonants.
    MILKY, HEART, SOUND And then guess the word, which is usually done on the 4th try (first real guess).

  12. Where can I download the comprehensive list of words?

  13. Great video, thanks a lot! I'd love to elaborate on how I did something similar, and improved on this method, but YT keeps deleting my comments…

  14. Just posting this here so I see it if/when I do a followup video: — it's Wordle, but the computer will use much the same algorithm I do to always give you the least helpful possible clues in response to your guess.

  15. Would really love a follow up video that goes a little more in-depth under the hood!

  16. What I do: Grey always has to be replaced with another letter, yellow can be placed in a grey spot, don’t change green.

  17. thanks for the video @andrew taylor, you've inspired me to make a wordle AI in Rust as a side project.

  18. An algorithm for the feeble minded and the “beat the system” types.

  19. Nice discussion and survey of factors affecting solvability. My guess is that a genetic alogrithm evolved from intuitive strategies of the types you discuss, would optimise strategy to a point that (at least almost) always won. It would be for a mathematician to formally prove certainty or uncertainty.
    I don't agree with the point at 7:09. Every game is winnable (you might guess the correct word on the first go), so there is no argument not to play just because it might not be possible to define a strategy that is certain of winning.

  20. Great video. I think you can improve this because you've assumed that the "worst" possible scenario is 5 black squares and then guessed a solution by choosing the next best until solvable. When I was trying to calculate the best word I calculated all combinations for all words. Each word will then have a worst combination (the one with the biggest pool of remaining words for that combination). I then assumed that the word with the smallest biggest combination was the best starter – which I believe is SERAI, which has fewer remaining combinations for 5 black squares (626) than it does for a single yellow on A (697). BLAHS incidentally has 2000 solutions if all black, 1485 if green on S, or 1351 if yellow on H (meaning these three combinations will appear >33% of the time with BLAHS). I've only calculated the first word though so I'd be interested to know how it performs once plugged into your algorithm for determining whether it is solvable!

  21. Fantastic video! I think this goes to show why Wordle is an incredibly fascinating game. It is in theory "solved", but at the same time it is very difficult to have a step by step guide on tackling each attempt (especially in hard mode). The creators definitely knew what they were doing in creating a wildly sharable and easy-to-learn concept, and honestly they knocked it out of the park.

  22. My mans out here "solving" wordle with under 500 subs – criminally underrated channel

  23. Excellent work! Really enjoyed this video, thank you

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