How LILAC is your Wordle (July 4, 2022) #wordle #shorts -

How LILAC is your Wordle (July 4, 2022) #wordle #shorts

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This is the Wordle for July 4, 2022 (#380)

If you’d like to suggest a second word, remember that I always use the previous day’s answer as a starting word. I like the second word to be thematic (if possible) but also reasonable!

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  1. Use SPLIT as a follow up because SEVER (i think) means to end something. If you’re looking for antonyms of SEVER, use JOINS. unless youre looking for something related to July 4th, use UNITE (because america isnt so free at the moment 😔)

  2. You sever something with FORCE or POWER so one of those would be good

  3. i like UNITE (edit: maybe UNITY would be better)

  4. “SPLIT” or “SLICE” even “FORCE” or “POWER” cause it means cutting and putting power into it.

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