How I Made Wordle in 1 Hour... -

How I Made Wordle in 1 Hour…

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How I made the most viral game so far of 2022 in just 1 hour.

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Wordle is a web-based word game developed by Josh Wardle. Players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, with feedback given for each guess in the form of colored tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position. The mechanics are nearly identical to the 1955 pen-and-paper game Jotto and the US television game show Lingo. Wordle has a single daily solution, with all players attempting to guess the same word.

A browser game is a video game that is played via the World Wide Web using a web browser. These games span all genres and can be single-player or multi-player. They are usually free-to-play.

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Prototype
2:53 – Design
3:43 – Gameplay


  1. i love how one of the 5 letter words were mussy (edit: i didn’t finish the video)

  2. The end was kinda sus tho 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  3. I had to make this for my CS class but in CPP. Did you check the Hyper and Reset test case for coloring? If the word is Hyper and you guess reset and you don't loop properly the first e will light up like it's in the correct space as well as the second e. That was a fun bit of cpp code.

  4. I actually guessed it was sussy

  5. the most common letters are rstlne, the 5 vowels are aeiou, so I am fairly successful starting out with two words and going from there – nails and outer, or route and snail, either case, you eliminate a lot with those two, then try and not reuse a grey letter, and keep track of when a letter is in the wrong spot. hope this helps someone.

  6. Me: I can't win wordle too
    Also me: It's time to automize

  7. I got a wordle advertisement in this video

  8. When I guess black in Wordle, there’s nothing write, but when I put white, I got 3 letters right

  9. "no one knows most of these weird words"
    Except you're a nerd

  10. that 'app' is NOT the real wordle. The REAL wordle in on the New York Times

  11. What do you use to code into? My son loves your videos and is interested in trying coding but I don’t know whether to try Unity, Unreal, Godot or something else.

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