How fast can Jomboy Media employees complete Wordle? -

How fast can Jomboy Media employees complete Wordle?

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WARNING: Spoilers for August 17 Wordle.

Jomboy Media office competes in weekly Wordle competition!


  1. Mans gotta be hungover calling it th-ime and then doubling down and calling it a spice

  2. I sniped “TWICE” in 3 with ROATE and MUSIC

  3. i got it in 2 today starting with SWEAT getting the green W, yellow E, and yellow T, then following with TWICE!

  4. I like Sales Amanda. I also see Steve in the background, we need that star player…

  5. Wait so BBD has never missed a wordle ever and has gotten 183 in a row!? I’m sorry I’m calling cheating on that lol I could be wrong, but never missing it once is insane, there have been some ridiculous words in the past 183 days lol

  6. Poise, tribe, twice. Not fast than Zack but it was less than a minute for me.

  7. So are we all in agreement that BBD is cheating right?

  8. I feel worse about multiple people calling thyme a spice than BBD's obvious history of cheating

  9. Wtf where’s the big reveal

  10. The only thing more inconsistent than the attendance at my job is the format of these videos. I swear it's different every week lol.

  11. This is the first week I tried to play and time myself to see if I could beat the office and I sucked

  12. I gotta know if BBD got alien on the first try the other day

  13. Zac finally got the okay to wear his band t-shirts on camera.

  14. Jake just cant get away from the letter P. Its basically a curse

  15. i’m sorry but it’s embarrassing how much BBD cheats

  16. I feel like bbd cheated. No logic. Just a jump to a random word

  17. “If there’s a Q Matty I’m gonna swing at you” I love this work environment, wish my boss talked to me that way

  18. Zack: I haven’t been doing well recently
    bc ur dumb strategy only works every so often lol

  19. These are so much fun. Thanks for making them

  20. What's worse — BBD's feigning not cheating, or his ad read?

    Sound off in the comments.

  21. They should run a Nascar style standings table with this. Each finish is worth a certain amount of points and the points are added up at the end of wordle season

  22. As someone who has also done every wordle, (and also cheated to one up my friends) there is no doubt in my mind BBD cheats. There is no world where you would have a modicum of confidence in that guess, him say "actually" before 'guessing' is just one of many examples of his bad lying/acting

    Smarten up BBD you are causing people to no longer want to watch

  23. BBD Cheating is getting so blatant at this point lol

  24. My strat is nearly always RAISE and then POUTY. Nails all the vowels & Y, if the first word gets good letters I'll deviate but mostly those two words work really well.

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